Running Macromedia Pollster on IIS

First of all, Macromedia Pollster is a new sample application included on DRK 4 that allows you to create and embed fully functional, single-question polls into a web page in no more than few minutes (see the poll to the right). In fact, it regularly takes me longer to think of poll question and options than to actually create and deploy the poll.

Pollster has a ColdFusion administrative interface for creating, editing, deleting and viewing polls and poll results. The poll itself is implemented in Flash. After creating a poll, all you have to do is copy and paste the generated Flash tags into your web page, and your poll is live.

The Pollster administrative application has a form of simple security which uses HTTP browser authentication to collect a username and password and compare it to a hard-coded, hashed username and password in your Application.cfm file. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with some IIS configurations because no matter what you type in as your username, your Windows username gets passed to the server. There are a couple of different ways to fix this.

  1. Change the hard-coded, hashed username in the Application.cfm to the hashed version of your Windows username.
  2. Remove the hash operation from Application.cfm so that you can more easily replace the hard-coded username with your Windows username.
  3. Remove authentication altogether. If you are behind a firewall, that’s fine, but if you aren’t, better pick another option.
  4. Convert the authentication mechanism over from browser authentication to a web form. Raymond Camden was kind enough to provide some sample code.

If you have followed one or more of the steps above and you are still having problems with Pollster on IIS, let me know.

11 Responses to Running Macromedia Pollster on IIS

  1. ForgetFoo says:

    this Pollster app in DRK4 looks really sweet – cant wait to play with it :)are there different result styles available in the Flash output? lines or graphs, versus a pie-chart? just curious…

  2. Daemonite says:

    DRK4 Pollster Application

    Well I decided to sit down and do something with DRK4. Lot of Macromedians playing with the Pollster App but not so many other folk — so I wanted to see just how easy it was to get going. Being a sucker for punishment I decided I might as well integ…

  3. scott says:

    any chance on getting a tutorial on getting pollster to run on os x?

  4. todd says:

    Thanks guys for the code and for identifying this problem. Still not allowing me to login. What exactly should I change in the application.cfm file?

  5. Christian Cantrell says:

    There are two places in the Application file where a 401 status code is sent back to the client. There are two CFHEADER tags and a CFABORT tag. All of those tags should be removed and replaces with a CFINCLUDE tag which includes the login page.What is the specific problem are you running into now?Christian

  6. P.R. Newman says:

    I’m confused. After upgrading to 6.1 (Standalone – not IIS), I had to add the <init-param> tag block listed here to get Pollster to work (there were no pre-existing <init-param> tags): some of my Flash Remoting apps worked *before* this change. What am I missing?

  7. P.R. Newman says:

    I’ve created a SQL script to run Pollster with SQL Server. Let me know if you’re interested.

  8. William says:

    chris,I had posted a post on the forums, you responded once but thenI heard nothing back.I still cannot get pollster working, I know it sees the database, the path and all that, because if I change anything it breaks totally (I get the CFDUMP messages) I am not getting the info back through flash,I do have other remoting apps working on the same box and they have the same gateway setting

  9. Man, quite frankly, IIS totally sucks. It always gave me problems on a daily basis. Since I have switched to Apache, I’ve had absolutely no problems since day one!

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