What Are You Building with MX Products?

A message from Macromedia:

We know many of our customers are creating amazing experiences with
Macromedia MX products. As part of the evolution of MX, we want to tell
your story.

Send us an email and tell us what you’re doing with Macromedia Flash MX,
Fireworks MX, or Dreamweaver MX. We’re talking weird, wild, different,
extraordinary, breakthrough, entertaining – you name it – we want to
hear about it.

Please email your project description and include the following

  1. Full name, street address, and telephone number.
  2. Indicate which Macromedia software you used.
  3. A short description (3 – 5 sentences) of your project detailing what sets it apart from the rest.
  4. Provide links to your work.

If your project raises enough eyebrows around here, we’ll contact you
and take it from there. What’s in it for you? The chance to share your
work with a global audience (okay, and some free stuff).

Send all submissions to castingcall@macromedia.com

7 Responses to What Are You Building with MX Products?

  1. Kaz Dugandzic says:

    I work for EMI Music (which owns Capitol, Virgin, BlueNote and many other record labels) I work for the West Coast Applications Group and we are building an Intranet tool, single screen interface to all our artists, albums, sales data, marketing docs, tour data, track streams, etc….this one Flash interface uses web services and Remoting on the back end and connects to a variety of our legacy systems. – Sorry cannot provide a link as it is an internal tool, but it is very amazing!Kaz

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    Make sure you submit this to castingcall@macromedia.com! Looks cool.

  3. Christian: What, CF and Freehand can’t raise eyebrows at Macromedia? You’re a jaded bunch. 🙂

  4. Our Flash invention is like multichannel fly through color T.V. with video chat and interactive content from multiple independent developer’s servers, all active at the same time using ‘loadmovie.swf’.The interface is a real working example of non-distorting, hyperbolic space (infinite x/y axies and recursive self import, tested to several hundred levels / layers) featuring end user controlled variable speed flight across and through an infinitely large, multi/site/window information space.The system is self importing and zooms from 1% to 29,000%, ie: one pixel zooms to show more than thirty ‘800 pixel wide’ screens. It’s perfect for maps and cell phones because it solves the ‘small screen’ problem!A working example is posted on the web at: http://www.2GoTo.comWe have just started to expose the system’s existance (several newsGroup postings in as many weeks) because we want others to experiment with thier content.swf and web sites and tell us what we should ad or adjust next.We are getting pretty overloaded with the size of the response and it looks like we will have a pretty big community when we come out of beta in a few weeks.we are working on an automatic sign up system so we don’t have to hand code all the URLs.thanks,dave matthewsPhone# 574-262-1267EDICTmgt(at)hotmail.comhttp://www.2goto.com

  5. Dave Lemmon says:

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  6. John says:

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