Debate: The Best Way to Invoke Custom Tags

How do you invoke custom tags? Do you use the CF_MYTAG approach, or do you use CFIMPORT? I started out using the CF_ technique, but now I find I prefer to use CFIMPORT for the following reasons:

  1. I like the flexibility it gives me in terms of where I can put my custom tags (without having to create mappings).
  2. I like the ability to create “packages” or groups of related tags, which allows me to reuse tag names.

The Jimg project from DRK 4 comes with a set of custom tags for image manipulation: border, crop, draw, fill, height, load, pattern, rotate, save, scale, scaleToAtLeast, sequence, size, text, tint and width. I certainly wouldn’t want to copy all those tags in my CustomTag directory and take the chance of overwriting existing custom tags. Rather, I copy create a directory called “jimg” in my /cf_tags directory, and import them like this:

<cfimport taglib="/cf_tags/jimg" prefix="img"/>

Then, I can use the tags like this:

<img:load .../>
<img:scale .../>
<img:save .../>

What’s your preference, and why?