Getting Macromedia Jimg to Work on Linux

Jimg is both a tag and component interface included on DRK 4 for manipulating all kinds of images in ColdFusion MX. From Macromedia’s website:

“Jimg is a custom tag and component wrapper for JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) which allows ColdFusion developers to manipulate images in a variety of ways. Jimg supports 10 different image operations, including scaling, cropping, rotating, tinting, drawing, filling, repeating, adding borders, and overlaying text.”

A couple of people have had problems getting Jimg to work on Linux because of well know issues with Java and the Linux graphics environment. If you are trying to get Jimg to work on Linux with JDK 1.4.1 (which is what CFMX 6.1, or Red Sky, comes with), you will find this TechNote invaluable.