Macromedia Launches MX 2004

Macromedia announced the new MX 2004 product line this morning with five new products:

Click on any of the links above to learn more about each product. You can also hook up with your local user group and participate in the first world-wide, public demonstration of the MX 2004 product line on September 3rd. There will be a copy of Studio MX raffled off at each participating user group.

6 Responses to Macromedia Launches MX 2004

  1. Matt Knight says:

    Christian,I don’t know your e-mail address and I have a specific JRun / CFMX 6.1 JDBC question.Would you please send me an e-mail to the address

  2. I’ve tried almost all of them — they’re great, but, you COULD do without upgrading.

  3. amigos says:

    Macromedia products are great. I hope they will be as good as expected.

  4. dell coupons says:

    Not all the time :o)