Macromedia Product Decision Tool

Macromedia recently launched a very cool little app called the “Product Decision Tool” which helps customers who are new to Macromedia software find products that are right for them. I’m pointing it out not because I think anyone who reads this post needs help picking out Macromedia products (though if you do, it works quite well), but to point out what I think is an excellent use of Flash. Why do I think it works so well?

  1. It doesn’t try to be an entire application. Although you can certainly build entire applications in Flash, sometimes you just need to embed a little extra functionality that you can’t get with any other technology. Basically, an applet.
  2. It isn’t something that could be done better in HTML, DHTML or JavaScript. There is no other technology on the web that can give you an experience like this.
  3. It fits perfectly in the page. Flash application developers have to be careful about the use of scrollbars. I hate having to switch back and forth between my browser’s scrollbar and a Flash scrollbar. Well designed apps either fit on the page, or take scrollbar use into consideration so that users don’t have to alternate between the two.
  4. It integrates perfectly into the page. Not only does it just fit well, but it integrates well with the content.
  5. It looks great.

Anyone have examples of Flash apps like this you or someone you know built?

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    They are all good 🙂