OT – It’s Hard to Blog Without Power

I missed a day of blogging yesterday, primarily because of hurricane Isabel. Being just south of Washington DC, we were directly in the storm’s path, and although it was downgraded to a tropical storm while it was moving through Northern Virginia, it was still by far the worst storm I have ever seen. We lost power for about 11 hours, lost some trees, and won’t be able to drink tap water without boiling it for at least another week since all four water conditioning plants that serve the area lost power at the same time, allowing untreated water to make its way into the system. Fortunately our house was not damaged although a neighbor’s tree was uprooted and fell onto our property, and a huge shutter was blown off her house. Anyway, power is back and we have plenty of bottled water, so all is back to normal. My satellite dish is safe, and as far as I can tell, my TiVo didn’t miss anything it was scheduled to record. I consider myself extremely lucky since I have friends in the Annapolis area (where I used to live) who will likely be without power for another week. It’s strange to see pictures of people canoeing over areas where I used to walk my dog.