OT – New Hardware From Apple

I try to keep my weblog pretty relevant, but sometimes I can’t resist the occasional off-topic post, especially when it has to do with Apple. In case you haven’t heard, Apple released a new line of PowerBooks this morning, along with new iPods (20GB and 40GB) and a new wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard and mouse.

The PowerBooks are what really caught my eye. They have finally released an updated 15″ model with all of the benefits of the new 17″ and 12″ models. 15″ PowerBook users can now get built-in Bluetooth, a backlit keyboard, FireWire 800, USB 2.0, and an improved form-factor that shifts all the ports to the side rather than the back. Of course, you can also get a 1.25GHz PowerPC chip, which is a pretty significant (and much-needed) speed boost.

I’m a 15″ fan myself. I like the 12″ model, but the resolution is only 1024×768, which is fine for traveling, but seems a little small for everyday use. The 17″ model is very impressive and would be great for everyday use, but seems a little big for traveling (you are hard-pressed to open up anything larger than a Gameboy Advance on a JetBlue flight). Anyway, they are all cool, and all tempting since I’m using an “old” 15″ PowerBook, which, until this morning, was top of the line. It’s amazing how quickly the world can change overnight.

What’s your development machine of choice?

12 Responses to OT – New Hardware From Apple

  1. Scott Boms says:

    Powerbook G4 15″ 800MHz at work and soon to be Power Macintosh G5 dual 2GHz at home

  2. Matt Liotta says:

    I have flown over 60,000 so far with my 17″ and I haven’t had a problem with the size.

  3. Christian Cantrell says:

    Matt, what airline do you fly? Do you fly first class? I find that if I can get an exit row, I’m all set, but in a normal, non-first class seat, I find it very difficult to work with any laptop, much less a 17″ model. I’m always worried that the person in front of me is going to recline and compact my screen. I usually keep my laptop in my lap to avoid that danger, but then I have a hard time seeing the screen.

  4. My well-worn PBG4 550. The wide display provides great benefit for a notebook used for design/code work across medias. I love the look (and weight) of the 12″ but at the end of the day, the additional screen space is godsend for modern pallate-heavy apps like Flash and Final Cut.

  5. scott isaacson says:

    i flew jetblue with my 17″. was in a regular row, didnt have a problem.

  6. Matt Liotta says:

    I fly Delta and JetBlue, first class on Delta when I can upgrade. However, no matter where I sit I am able to use my 17″ just fine. Of course, I don’t believe there is really a difference between the 12″ and 17″ in terms of usability on a plane as the width of the seat isn’t so much of a problem as the depth. Thus, if your arms are too long to make use of a 17″, then your arms are too long to make use of a 12″.

  7. Ken Azuma says:

    I’m on a 15″ 1gHz PowerBook, too. Wide screen can be presentation screen for small meeting room sometimes. So I can not choice 12”. 17” is still attractive, but too heavy for me and my backpack.

  8. I am thinking about buying the 12″ PowerBook with 1.25 GB of RAM but I wonder if ColdFusion MX will run on it or if I need a faster machine? Any recommendations or experience with this model?

  9. seancorfield says:

    The 12″ is a great “portable” if that’s your primary need and the 17″ is a great desktop replacement but I think the 15″ is the best all-round. I’m still living with last year’s 15″ model and I love it for development! If I could justify it, I’d upgrade it to a new 15″ with the 1.25GHz processor… yum!

  10. Nate Petersen says:

    Back in May I upgraded to a 12″ PBG4 from a 500 mhz 12″ iBook. Both have worked extremely well for my development purposes and have left me with nothing to complain about. Believe it or not the iBook really runs ColdFusion quite well for being an older machine.

  11. I don’t have a modern mac, but when I recently upgraded my laptop I had a hard time to find one that had a native resolution of ONLY 1024×768. Some 14″ models are like 1400x It’s just too tiny. I think I might have gotten the last 15″ and 14″ laptops that don’t go over 1024. I don’t know what I’m going to do next time I upgrade.

  12. Buy.com says:

    I have the 17″ and now wish I had purchased the 15″ instead… mine is too freakin’ big to carry easily.