What’s Your Dream ColdFusion Feature?

Let’s say the entire ColdFusion engineering team were at your disposal for the purposes of adding any single feature you wanted. What would it be? Don’t just think in terms of tags or functions, either. Think big. It can essentially be any change you want to the language or server. The person who comes up with the coolest, most interesting and innovative new feature request will win tons of respect from everyone who reads this weblog, guaranteed.

59 Responses to What’s Your Dream ColdFusion Feature?

  1. Shawn Porter says:

    I’d like the ability to spawn multiple threads in some way directly in CFML. A <cffork> tag or something like that. Yeah… that would be crazy awesome.

  2. Rob Brooks-Bilson says:

    I second the cffork idea. ASP.Net has it, and I could REALLY use it!Other than that, here are some ideas from my list that I’ve been submitting for a few versions now:1. As mentioned by others, onSessionStart(), onSessionEnd(), onApplicationStart(), onApplicationEnd()2. Enhance the CF Scheduler so that it can better operate in a cluster. I’d like to see you be able to synchronize events between servers in a cluster so that you can setup a scheduled task on any server, and it would replicate out to all the other servers (similar to the budy server concept), but the event would only fire on a single server, not on all of them at once.3. Add support for interfaces to CFCs4. Add overloading for functions and CFCs5. Add a mechanism for dealing with name conflicts with built in CF functions/tags in order to future proof. So, if I already have a UDF called wrap(), upgrading my version of CF won’t break my app when CF get’s its own wrap() function.6. Add functions to programatically list all current sessions/applications on a server (without the workarounds we’re currently using)7. Work to build stronger partnerships with companies like IBM, Actuate, etc to get support for CF into their products8. Make ColdFusion’s security framework even more granular. Roles are nice, but I always need an additional level of security beyond that. How about groups, roles, and permissions. While you are at it, give us a way to programatically get a list of users currently logged in, their roles/permissions, etc.9. Add a function to show how much time is left before a session/application times out10. Add an IMAP tag!!!11. Add an NNTP tag12. Add native functions/tags for image manipulation13. Add native tags/functions for manipulating PDF14. Add the Lotus Notes JDBC driver, available free from IBM to the list of native drivers15. Add native tags/functions for dealing with Zip files16. Fix reFind() and reFindNoCase() functions to return the positions for all matched subexpressions17. Add a spell check tag

  3. Brian LeRoux says:

    Actual OO support from the engineering team not your marketing dept. Do what the flash team did to ActionScript. Make CFSCRIPT an ECMA-262 strict language and marshal the built in classes into appropriate namespaces. This would be a HUGE step in the right direction.

  4. Patrick Whittingham says:

    Christian,How about a DataBinding tag which I can map my for form fields to a db for insert/update/delete/select. This mapping should allow the the data to be passed viajavascript thru a div/layer tag. This will allow my users to get data from a server-side process without a refresh. Hope this make sense….:)

  5. paulH says:

    – pump javacast full of steriods- resourceBundle functionality (bundle, list, etc.)- access protected java methods- better overall access to java methods (ie not have to write wrapper classes to dumb down existing java classes, i guess a beefier javacast might fix that)

  6. Ryan says:

    – Better client side validation using javascript (not Java)- Easier coding/debugging of javascript validation on the client side (not an actual debugger, but a way of modifying the javascript being built by CF- A way to send out a .swf file from CF, not just for images created with the cfchart tag, but a way to say, create simple forms in flash that submit like an html form. May not be practical- public key encryption so we can 1) hide/disquise our code 2) possibly sell it either encrypted (and have it run encrypted, no source code visible, etC) or have the encrypted have a 1 time only installer key. If a good public key method is used, hopefully it will be hard for someone to crack it and steal/view source code.

  7. +1 to events. People have been asking for _years_ to know when sessions start, end, when applications start, end, clients, and the server. The CF server knows this. Why can’t we?Also, getSessions(), getClients(), getApplications(). Again, the CF server has all this info – we need it as well.

  8. Stacy Young says:

    – More robust scheduling engine with its own thread count setting.- Ability to invoke local objects as well as HTTP requests- Max thread count for scheduler- Config all cfmx instances in a cluster from one interface; ability to clone configs- Make scheduler “cluster aware”- spawn additional threads including a “max child process” parameter i.e. run multiple queries to diff datasources in parallel.

  9. Stacy Young says:

    this was for the scheduler:- Ability to invoke local objects as well as HTTP requests- “cluster aware” means replicating scheduled items across instances, round robin in executing items, failover as well.

  10. Stacy Young says:

    Method overloading- Unless my OO terminology is off, I believe this is possible currently. i.e. child object has same method as parent?

  11. Stacy Young says:

    – Differentiate between Remoting and Web Service for “access”. i.e. webservice,remoting, or both

  12. Michael Conger says:

    Add another vote to the following…Events, multi-threading, ECMA cfscript, more granular security, PDF tags, and Zip tags.Also, here’s a couple of my own…1. Ability to generate FlashPaper docs natively (preferably using very similar parameters/methods to the proposed CF PDF tags… see above)2. This is very vague… In all of your products, Please keep trying out new, experimental extra features (examples: CFCHART, FlashPaper) these are not make or break additions to the products, but they are a nice suprise when they suddenly appear in new product releases… plus, they really help us see MM is still going the extra mile.

  13. Robert Cooper says:

    I too would like to see Session, Application start/end events.It would also be nice to better utilize the underlying Java programming language within CF. How about a tag that would allow one to put Java directly into the page (i.e. <cfjava> ).Also, make all of the CF tags accessable from within CFScript (like CFQuery, CFLoginUser, etc.).

  14. Erki Esken says:

    Array slicing, just like list slicing in Python (http://python.org/doc/2.3.1/tut/node5.html#SECTION005140000000000000000). For example <cfset foo = bar[1:3]> would set foo to array with the same elements as three first elements in bar array.Built in Array() and Struct() functions to quickly build arrays and structures. Like my UDFs:http://www.cflib.org/udf.cfm?ID=683http://www.cflib.org/udf.cfm?ID=684

  15. Dennis Spaag says:

    How about:1) .NET request — compile code to run on CLI VM.2) Embeddable CF server for use on CD-ROMs / other software products.

  16. vinny timmermans says:

    A more intelligent cfdirectory tag would be very welcome, one that reads subdirectories as well. In most cases people are not only interested in the contents of the toplevel directory, but in the contents of subdirectories too. Now you have to write a recursive function to do this, while it should be possible to set this feature through a subdirectory attribute. Much cleaner and nicer. Furthermore it would be really handy to have a Flash MX 2004 directoryreader component as a companion. This duo would be a great value added for RIA directory and file reading

  17. Scott Keene says:

    Well, I second the requests for JavaCast to begin steroid cycles, Java-like Interfaces in CFCs, method overloading in CFCs, a better scheduler, and damn near everything Rob requested in general.I’d also like to second the ability to differentiate between Web Services and remoting, and also be able to control the style of web service that is generated (RPC/Document, Literal/Encoded), whether through some sort of tag/function or a setting in the Administrator, whatever – any way would be ducky. But you said to THINK BIG…Let’s see – thinking big here… I’d _really_ like it if ColdFusion could get me to work on Mondays! That’d be pretty freakin’ innovative for an app server, no? No? Aw, never mind…Oh yeah Stacy -What was meant by method overloading is the ability to have multiple methods in the _same_ CFC with the same names, but different signatures (useful for having multiple constructors for your object and things of that nature). Your scenario might be more succinctly described as “override” via inheritance.

  18. Erik says:

    – Like many, also a vote here for ECMA Syntax in CFScript- Also, dump those old form applets in favor of flash components (slider, grid, tree, etc.)

  19. Oliver Merk says:

    How about *one* kick-ass IDE to go with it? One that supports debugging (with step-through, watches, etc) such as with CF5 but is more stable. [See thread (of rants) on Camden’s blog for more examples of what CF developers are asking for in an IDE; ie the best of HS+ and DW in one package].But back to the server side:1. CFC method overloading, for sure2. Enhancements to CFSCRIPT as mentioned above3. Clearer error messages4. Ability to disable java .class caching (see Forta’s Aug 3rd blog). Talk about annoying…Cheers,

  20. s22 says:

    make cfscript like actionscript 1.0 or 2.0;a real message services(like flash com but only text);Make a cf date object like jdo.better cfform;

  21. I would beg for some sort of sharedObject between CF and FlashComm server. That way I can schedual a task in CF to check some data, and update the sharedObject on some condition. FlashComm can just sit there responding to onSynch and not have to keep polling the cf server.Plus all the other stuff on scheduling above…

  22. Michael Tyler says:

    Have a tag that will do the same thing as the 2SelectsRelated and 3SelectsRelated tags.

  23. Kirk Mower says:

    Hybrid Flash/HTML forms to allow the blending of Flash and CF elements in order to leverage the power of both simultaneously without having to move to pure Flash based forms or get stuck with JS based form elements. As above Flash could handle the 2 – 3 – n – selects related and the CF/HTML part of the form could handle enctype=”multipart/form-data” for uploads.

  24. paulH says:

    well if you’re going to improve cfform might as well ask mm to buy qForms. that does a better job with js only & it does it now. if you’re going to swap to flash widgets, make darned sure first that flash improves its unicode, especially bidi handling, before you do the swap.

  25. Giosi says:

    i have a dream…All macromedia application for webserver:-Application server-Mail server-Ftp server-DNS server-Cluseterwith one administrator web-basedand……FlashPlayer (standalone) becomes a great BROWSERi’m waiting with hope…

  26. – Image Manipulation Tag (for ALL regular imagetypes)- Socket Tag () to connect to other Systems easily- Replace Java Applets of CFForm with Flash- make sourcepath of accept variables, not only static paths

  27. Mark Stanton says:

    Other peoples ideas:- ECMA-262 strict for CFSCRIPT (bite the bullet) +2- Support for full CFML syntax inside CFSCRIPT +2- Events +1- Method Overloading +1My own:- Outer joins and other SQL syntax support in QoQ- JUnit equiv for CFCs- Auto generating UML models for CFCs (you managed JavaDoc)- An Ecplise plugin (I know DW people will complain but….)- CVS support in DW- A lighter, faster CFDUMP- Keep moving forward with CFLOGIN

  28. Mark Stanton says:

    Sorry one more…..- More wrappers for stuff out of the Apache project.

  29. I would like to see cfquery recordsets return the column types and column sizes along with the column names (other languages have been providing this for years).Also, make CFCs more OO-like, private/public/protected data members, as well as what others mentioned previously.Ditto on a more granular Security Module, role based security is not helpful, we need the granularity and flexibility that a Privilege based model provides.And, Thanks! for continuing to enhance the great product that CF is!

  30. Gyrus says:

    A comprehensive, high-quality tag.

  31. Gyrus says:

    Sorry, that’s a big vague πŸ˜‰ Forgot HTML gets stripped… that was meant to be “A comprehensive, high-quality CFIMAGE tag”.

  32. Anthony says:

    Tons of good suggestions here…events, sockets and listeners would be great, maybe the ability to use any flash component like a java applet is used, is that even possible?

  33. todd_ward says:

    – more meta data in query result variables- keep increasing QofQ abilities- increased session control, info- better debugging tools- please don’t waste your time making anything with javascript better; convert to Flash

  34. fgwenger says:

    Hybrid Flash/HTML forms, yeah! The ability to mix HTML form and Flash form elements would be awesome.Also, have a CF tag that lets you create a Flash form element and also control its behavior all from CF. Have some pre-defined types that map to HTML form elements. Be able to create it and set its initial value(s). Maybe have an attribute to assign a CFC to handle its behavior. In the CFC you could create event handlers as methods that match Flash’s methods (e.g. mouseDown).So, for example, you could create a Flash button on the fly with other HTML Form elements. Then create a custom CFC which handles the onClick event (I don’t know Flash, so forgive me if that isn’t the event name).

  35. Nolan says:

    * Make client-side validation more robust in Javascript *and* in Flash…some of us don’t want to make our users install Flash (and in my case, I *can’t* have them installing it…I need the JavaScript code to be very reliable).* I’d like “private” variables in CFCs (not “protected”, but true “private”, the same as it is in C++)* I’d love a way to bundle my code into a compiled “thing” like an EXE or something that’s not easy to reverse engineer, but that doesn’t take a lot of extra time on my end to create. I want to protect my code easily and efficiently.* Currently with CFMX, we have to stop and restart the service if we make a change to the XML config files. I can’t always stop my web server like that, even for a second. I have some very high traffic, important servers and if they go down even for 2 minutes, it causes a lot of trouble. I’d love a “refresh Admin settings” button in CF Admin so if I edit the XML files, it reloads them and makes the changes WITHOUT stopping the CF Application service entirely.* Make the integrated debugging in the IDE *easy* to configure in real world situations. I’ve yet to meet a CF developer that uses the watch/step/breakpoint features in CFS because nobody can seem to configure it to work on real-world servers. Virtual mappings, security, session variables in the browser, needing quick access to my “bookmarks/favorites”, etc, all add a level of difficulty.* Some sort of auto-update feature for new versions of the help files in CFS (and CF server for that matter). When Adobe Acrobat has a new version, I get a popup telling me it’s there, and with ONE click, I get the new version installed. I want a “yes, install the latest help files and technotes” button that requires nothing else on my end. Just suck it off a web service from macromedia.com and have CFStudio know where to install it.* Integrated “tidy” support. Is it possible to do something ala Codesweeper, but all I want it to do is tell me if my file is XHTML compliant or not. Maybe 2 versions of this, 1 for the CFM source and 1 for the HTML output (built into the IDEs step-through debugger perhaps?)* There’s currently a “feature” where if a period exists on a line by itself inside the body of a CFMail tag, it will throw an error. Does it really HAVE to be that way? πŸ™‚ (It’s tested for on forta.com’s CF test, and possibly in the CFMX cert test too.)* If I want to make a log file of the java thread info/errors, I have to start CFserver from a command line like so: cfstart > mylogfile.txt — can we make that a default log file so no extra work is required? It should be available just like the others.* One thing I have to do a lot is, write a popup window that runs a query, then sends the results back to a form field on the parent window. Example: I have a dropdown called “managers” and a 2nd called “employees”. If I click “Manager A”, I need the “employees” dropdown to populate with just his employees. Currently I have to write a new popup CFM file for every page, which hits the server again. Or I have to use a client side java applet (3rd party tool) to run the query from the client and send me back the data. These work except a) I don’t like reinventing the wheel (a new CFM page) every time. and b) the 3rd party applet I found to do the job, isn’t very intuitive. Is there any way CF can include a Javascript (or some other client side functionality) tool that let’s me run queries from the client, without refreshing the page, that’s easy to understand and use?* In Visual C++ I can do the following:asm{mov ax, 4push ax}…and break into assembly on the fly right in my cpp files. What about a similar tag for Coldfusion so I can jump directly into either JSP or Java, like so:[cf_java_inline]// do Java code here. call the awt classes directly, whatever.[/cf_java_inline][cf_jsp_inline]// do jsp code here.[/cf_jsp_inline]All the other suggestions above sound good to me too.Nolan

  36. Stacy, re: overloading. You’re thinking of overriding (when a derived class has the same method name as the parent). Overloading is when you have multiple methods with the same name in the same class and the compiler has to choose between them. This is hard to do in general at runtime (and fairly hard to do at compile-time – C++ has hella complex rules for overloading and that all happens at compile-time).

  37. This encapsulates some of the things people have been saying..1. Deprecate CFScript and Replace with ActionScript.2. More and better Flash integration/generation.3. Allow threading so we can do real asynchronous processing.4. Make more Java/J2EE compliant and friendly.5. Embrace code-behind and MVC.6. Allow more true OOP with ActionScript. (It won’t hurt the structural programmers.)

  38. Matt Knight says:

    Client side CF…..Like JS, but in cfscript for client side interaction. Allow for form validation without a round-trip to the server. But, more like a Flash app with remoting/web service access to server files.

  39. Lola Lee says:

    Official support on OSX regarding CFMX 6.1. Would like to see how well it performs on a G5.

  40. Pete Freitag says:

    Many of these have been mentioned, some have not:CFIMAPCFIMAGE – image info, and resizeMore Query of Query featuresCFZIP – create and browse zip, tar.gz filesCFTREE in flashCFGRID in flashResource Bundle functionCFSFTP tagWebDAV stuffFlashPaper/PDF tagsJavaCastCFNNTPMore OO Features in CFC’sMore deployable Applications (improved car files, more like war files) with a application.xml that has settings for CustomTag mappings, directory mappings, datasource settings, class path settings, cfx tag registration, and anything else I’m missing that would be nice to be application specific. If these were hot depoyable that would be cool too.Auto Update Feature for patches would be cool, and allow MM to push bug fixes faster and easier.

  41. Jade says:

    My wishes:Many have been already mentioned, but I guess voting for them doesn’t hurt.-Ability to push from CF to Flash Comm-Nested exception throwing between cfc ( now always throws exception that says previous method didn’t return its expected type. As it is today, I consider it a bug.)-Better error descriptions for exceptions thrown by CF to the Flash Gateway-cfmail support for mixed-part emails-ability to log not only in the log dir that is not accessible in shared environments-better web service support for complex types-Better cfscript (full tag support, mix java, “new” object instantiation, ECMA, operators)-Method overloading in CFCs-A LOT more OO-listeners-sockets-better CFFORM (at least xhtml compliant)-actually make all tags that output html xhtml compliant-wrappers for Apache projects-ability to set up class path and mappings without access to CF admin (again for shared environments)-scheduler not only making http requests, but instantiating objects or CFCs. No timeout for long tasks.-column type info for returned queries

  42. John Farrar says:

    I like the comments… lots of good ideas!My wishes:- Smart udf declaration… if exists, ignore rather than crash… or give override capability.- XML enhancements* XPath type navigation in addetion to structured navigation for data interaction. (Note: structure variable to XML [toString]… works fine… would be great to have XML to structure variable!!!)* Get CFDump so it shows arrays for XPaths correctly at ALL times… the issue is already logged.* Have xmlSearch so it works without declaring empty namespaces in things like RSS documents.- REPEAT: Session End/Application End ability- REPEAT: Alternate to Java Components in Flash (Grid, etc.)*** if we do threads… that will be great, just make sure the threads can terminate on session end rather than eating CPU if they wait on external information.

  43. Marcos PlaconΓ‘ says:

    – Add more integration with RSS, that could make easier the integration.- Make a tag to access newsgroup- to get more info about a file.- Add more integration between PDF and Word documents, without have to work directly with COM Objects.- Give more suport to work with XML RPC.

  44. Have a compiler so that a ColdFusion application can be compiled into an single ISAPI DLL. Lasso currently does this. It would be great to be able to give a client a binary then CFM templates. Even encrypted ones can be decrypted. Also an ISAPI DLL would run infinatly faster then CF interrpeter.

  45. Have a compiler so that a ColdFusion application could be compiled into a single ISAPI DLL. Lasso currently does this. It would be great to give a client a binary, rather than giving them source code.

  46. There are a lot of good suggestions here.Since you asked for innovation, I am going to be grandiose.I would like to see the ability for ColdFusion not just to call Flash, but to GENERATE Flash. In other words, make ColdFusion and Flash integration seamless. A CFFLASH tag. Make them two sides of the same coin. Note: With the Active Content changes, a CFFLASH tag would become incredibly beneficial, especially if the tag could access existing files and generate dynamic ones.I agree with the statements about deprecating CFSCRIPT for ActionScript 2.0.I want a CFIMAGE tag.I want a CFSTYLE tag.I want a CFJAVA tag.I want a CFJAVASCRIPT tag. The ability to use canned JavaScripts without coding them.I also agree with Stacy Young’s comments about the scheduler. I would like the scheduler to run my web log analyzer from the Command Prompt.I have had some issues with my hosting provider turning off CFFILE and CFDIRECTORY, which can cripple the functionality of an application. I would like to see a way to read a file into a variable or access it like a CFINCLUDE, for a file that is NOT in the web directory, which would have helped me immensely with a site where I couldn’t use CFFILE and CFDIRECTORY. I did a workaround using some custom tags, but it was very cumbersome.Also, and this is not a language issue, but a marketing one. ColdFusion gets a bad rep in some development circles (most of the people giving it that bad rep have no experience with CF, so they don’t know what they’re talking about). If you look at sites like hotscripts.com, you will notice that PHP scripts outnumber CF scripts by over 37 times (6283 vs. 168). ASP scripts outnumber CF scripts by almost 13 times (2145 vs. 168). I want to see MM start target web hosting providers and get CF supported on more hosts!!! If more websites CAN use CF, more developers will learn about CF and use CF instead of ASP and PHP, which will expand the number of CF developers. We would start seeing more and more sites developed in CF. CF is the best web language in the world. It is way easier to work with than PHP or ASP, and there is no good reason for there to be this kind of discrepancy between PHP and CF. I want to see CF become more of a mainstream language. Get more CF developers out there, and you will sell more copies of CF Server sold… plain and simple. After all, more often than not, developers drive purchases.Also, this is not a language issue, but a tool issue. I want DW and HS+ to be ONE tool!!! I have been using DW MX 2004, and although I HATED it when I started using it, I now use it a lot more than HomeSite+. However, there are still ways that HomeSite+ is VASTLY superior to DW. The help, the Query Builder (which is great if you don’t have any other way of connecting to the DB but through RDS), the ability to create new toolbars, VTML.Also, I want in on Betas. I run my own MMUG, and I can’t seem to get in on the betas. Sorry, that’s not really a language, marketing or a tool thing… πŸ™‚

  47. Casey Broich says:

    Instead of using the cumbersome CFIMPORT for custom tags, how about adding a “TAGPATH” attribute to the CFAPPLICATION tag so custom tags could be initialized in a single call throughout an entire site.

  48. Roland Collins says:

    Native suppport of .NET classes/DLLs. While it is possible to use them through a COM bridge, this is extermely kludgy and has a huge performance impact. Montara seems to be on the right track with BlackKnight, but they don’t let you use .NET objects as true objects. http://www.montarasoftware.comAlso, the enumeration of sessions and applications would be extremely handy, as long as access can be controlled via the administrator. In other words, if I don’t want another application poking around other applicaitons on the server, I should be able to prevent this behavior. It could be a huge security hole if it were allowed.

  49. DMX says:

    Support for C# code for writing CF Tags.

  50. DMX says:

    Support for writing CF Tags with C# code.

  51. CF Coder says:

    cfdav: Customtag-Collection to work as WebDAV Client or as WebDAV-Server.

  52. Buy.com says:

    A more intelligent cfdirectory tag would be very welcome, one that reads subdirectories as well. In most cases people are not only interested in the contents of the toplevel directory, but in the contents of subdirectories too. Now you have to write a recursive function to do this, while it should be possible to set this feature through a subdirectory attribute. Much cleaner and nicer. Furthermore it would be really handy to have a Flash MX 2004 directoryreader component as a companion. This duo would be a great value added for RIA directory and file reading

  53. RyanC says:

    I would LOVE to see CF have the ability to access DB2/390 and DB2/400 via APPC (NOT through TCP/IP). I believe BEA WebLogic has a module that enables this, and think it would be a fantastic addition to CF. It would make MY life a lot simpler.. of course, if anyone has an idea how to do this now, please let me know :-)-Ryan

  54. dan says:

    FLEX is FLASH APPLET written in XML perfect for CFMX but its going into another server πŸ™ (crasy fools) Java Server faces is another applet replacement technology it maybe good for CF too. All the other stuff mentioned above is hidden under the skin of CFMX stuck inside java. I even used a Jabber client SMACK to IM in CF with only 3 lines of code. The problem now is hunting around in java to see what they got and then looking around to see what CF has. For example if java has it then CF has it too. CF has to come out with a client in SWF in the next version and that SWFwill look like java. I love to see the spawning happening from CFM into SWF clients using XML.

  55. ike says:

    I agree with most of Rob’s list, except that I’d rather not see overloading for functions and CFC methods — I think they’re complex enough with optional arguments. Also, providing a good structure for managing functions and/or CFC’s can alleviate a lot of this and of the need for future-proofing, two things the onTap framework provides.A lot of other things have been suggested that I can’t really stand behind, some of them more than others, like deprecating cfscript in favor of ActionScript. I understand _why_ people would want this, but I’d rather just see improvements to CFScript that make it more like ActionScript or ECMA… There’s (imho) no point in changing the tag name and forcing everyone to replace all their existing cfscript tags with something else when you could just improve the engine for its contents. Some of the flash-related features being requested are liable to be covered by Flex once it’s available, so it’s tough to say how that will all work out in the end.More and or improved javascript features is a mixed bag – previous attempts at creating javascript features from the Allaire days proved in the long-run to be rather problematic, and I’d be moderately concerned that MM’s attempts at the same would be similar. Whereas there are a number of reasonably easy ways to create your own JS features and distribute them with CF’s existing API’s (custom tags, udf’s, cfc’s, etc.) which likely means better JS features _and_ it helps MM focus more energy on the server features that we don’t have the power to easily supplement. So I’d rather continue to use the custom JS features in something like the onTap framework and have MM focus the extra attention on things like cfimage, cfpdf, etc.Though lately one of my biggest frustrations is the lack of nulls in CF, so if nothing else I think I’d like to see nulls, although I realize that’s probably not an easy feature to add at this point.

  56. You want a cool tag? Here is one. How about the ability to save the image, swf, etc that the cfchart tag generates to a predefined location.The biggest problem I have is, we generate a lot of reports for clients.http://www.clickfix.com/support/docs/new/reports/reports-create.htmThe reports are HTML based that get automatically emailed. We just save the source code for the consumer.Please, let me know what you think.

  57. gobo borz says:

    I’m a fan of ColdFusion, but I don’t consider it a “language.” If cfscript were ECMA-262, then I wouldn’t have to sneak over to Python to seel like a software engineer.I believe this change would also do much to insure the longevity of the product.

  58. Ali Bon says:

    an external fast CF server installer for use on CD-ROMs and other software development .It would be great to be able to give a clienta standalone ColdFusion application .No more CFScript and Replace with ActionScript and ability to use CFQUERY and other Cf tag …OS level commands like Python

  59. Jeff says:

    Hey, These are some great ideas. I would love a WEBDAV client in CF. Anybody actually working on any of these?