Interesting Article on Community MX

How many of you visit Community MX on a regular basis? There are some good paid articles over there, but also some good free content, as well. An interesting article called “Getting Into Good Coding Habits” just went live today. Here is an excerpt:

In this article, we will look at how we can customise the default ColdFusion template that Dreamweaver generates to aid our workflow. Further aiding our local development, we will also look at how we can help ColdFusion process our templates in a more efficient manner. This will aid the processing speed and therefore improve the rendering time in the browser window which, of course, delivers a faster site to our end user.

One Response to Interesting Article on Community MX

  1. Marc Wallace says:

    I didn’t find that article to be terribly inspiring or useful. I will admit that I’m not really the target audience, but….The suggestion to explicitly scope your variables is a great one, but his reason — speeding up the CFML execution — isn’t why I would do it. I scope because it makes for more readable code, as well as safer code.And he uses [cfparam] — but doesn’t bother to specify a type. Sure, adding a type will throw an error, but that’s what error handlers are for, right?I guess I should have been warned off by the odd grammar in the tips on the first page of the article. But really, the entire thing should have been collapsed down to several paragraphs.