New Version of Macromedia Pollster

I have a new version of Macromedia Pollster running just to your right. My favorite new feature is unlimited options. I also like the fact that you can browse old archived polls (though I don’t have any yet to browse).

Now let’s see what the most popular handheld device is. Did I leave any out?

7 Responses to New Version of Macromedia Pollster

  1. Todd says:

    MySQL support? maybe? please?

  2. Mike says:

    Looks great! A good modification would be to display the name of the handheld device when cursor is over the pie chart.

  3. Kevin Hoyt says:

    You mean I have to pick just one?!My Compaq iPaq is great just because it runs Flash 6. My Kyocera SmartPhone is great because it can deliver MapQuest when taxi drivers are lost. My Blackberry is certainly invaluable when on the road and trying to stay ahead of email. And the iPod – need I say more? When that next flight gets just a little too long, there’s always my trusty Game Boy Advance for hours of Tetris.Hmm. I’m thinking it’s time for some consolidation.

  4. mgregg says:

    I think it would be really nice to have the results list sorted (high->low). It is a more difficult cognitive exercise for people to construct this rank order mentally when the list is long and out of the viewable area.

  5. scro says:

    it can make use Flashmx2004?Drkv4 chart component no install Flashmx2004 and use it.

  6. Fast is better than slow.

  7. neverpanic says:

    I tried to modify the .fla file, but every time I recompile the movie it becomes crap and doesn’t connect.I did install Flash Remoting Components (for #include but it doesn’t work either.I heard of someone who could edit it with Flash MX, but in MX 2004 it doesn’t work for me.