OT – What’s your Handheld of Choice?

I think I’m going to make Friday’s my off-topic day. Today’s (off) topic is handhelds. What’s your handheld/PDA/PIM of choice? I’ve used them all, and I like different things about each one. Right now, I’m using a Palm Tungsten T, primarily because it works will with my Mac. There isn’t anything particularly special about it except that it is very compact, has a great aluminum case, and I can synch it wirelessly via Bluetooth. The screen is sharp and bright, as well, which is something relatively new for Palm.

This will remain my PDA of choice until the Handspring Treo 600 is available from AT&T. I’ve been waiting for a long long time for a phone and PDA hybrid that finally got it right.

10 Responses to OT – What’s your Handheld of Choice?

  1. Mike Brunt says:

    I am with AT&T and have a PDA-Phone, a Siemens SX56 but it does not have Bluetooth or 802.11b. I also read that the Treo will not be out of the gate either but there could be an expansion slot capability for the Treo which there is not for the SX56.

  2. My favorite PDA is my Axim. I had one of the original iPaqs, and the Axim is a wonderful upgrade.But ultimately, my favorite handheld is my Sanyo 5300 cameraphone. From here on out, any PDA that wants my attention will need to be almost as small as the 5300, include a camera, and work with Sprint.

  3. kai says:

    Actually I’m using an IPAQ 5450 with WLAN and Bluetooth. My favorite mobile is a Nokia 3650 running Symbian OS, which also supports Bluetooth and works fine for connecting via GPRS.

  4. Matt says:

    I user the Seimens SX56 Pocket PC Phone from AT&T. I doen’t have Wi-Fi or bluetooth, but has the SD slot for cards capable. I just got the SD Wi-Fi card last week and have been testing it.I am still waiting for the true all-in-one device…Phone,Wi-Fi,Blootooth,GSM-GPRS, camera WITH sync to a PC and wireless sync over the GPRS network AND VPN capability for connecting to a corporate mail server. This device has yet to be released, although some have most of the functions.

  5. George Riley says:

    Palm Tungsten C – Its a bit big, but it has built-in 802.11, keyboard (I stink at Grafitti), beautiful screen, and top-notch software including a VPN client.

  6. Ali Mills says:

    My vote is for the soon to be released Nokia 6600. It has a built in camera, supports bluetooth, supports Java MIDP 2.0 and *hopefully* will support the Flash lite player since it’s predicesor, the 3650, has been the phone on which Flash lite demos have been made.

  7. Jensa says:

    I’ve given up on handhelds for the moment. Had a couple iPaqs and none of them can really be used for Flash apps (too slow) and that’s the only challenge development-wise. Doubt I’ll buy a new one until Flash Lite comes standard with some of them. All the PDA/Flash lists I was on have silenced, so it seems like a lot of people feel the same…J

  8. anami says:

    currently using a symbian os phone — the nokia 3650 — to double as my pda. the keypad interface is less than ideal, but the battery life is pretty good, i only have to carry one device, and i can sync over bluetooth with addressbook and ical on my mac.i’ve used sony clie’s, the seimen’s pocketpc phone, and the first compaq ipaq. sony’s clie palm devices work very well. i’d dismissed the pocketpc devices because of issues syncing with a mac, but i would consider them again as there has been considerable progress there recently.palm’s gsm/gprs + pda solution has not impressed me. nor has rim’s blackberry solution.whatever i go with, the following are must-have requirements:- phone and pda in a single device- ability to sync with the mac addresbook and ical (for calendar and to-do’s)- bluetooth for syncing as well as for wireless headsetit would also be nice if the device had a simple camera built-in. it seems like an unneeded gimick, but it is actually quite useful! say you’re shopping for something without your significant other and you want to get her opinion, you can take a picture and email it and get immediate feedback!i still have a regular digital camera that i use (currently a canon g3) — this does not replace it. the two have very different purposes.i like the symbian platform, so se’s p800 may be a possible followup device.

  9. Palm Tungsten E … great price, mp3 player and high-resolution color screen. It’s all I need…

  10. treadmills says:

    I have recently acquired a Motorolla MPx200 and now leave my Nokia 3650 in my bag to use as a Bluetooth modem if I want to use one of my PDAs to connect wirelessly. I could never get the Nokia PC Suite to work on my Windows XP desktop, so I never had my contacts or calendar synced–that is a major benefit of having a Microsoft Smartphone, where ActiveSync 3.7.1 works like a charm.There are still a couple of minor issues with the device, but I could leave behind my PDA and still have most of the functionality I need. Developers are releasing new applications daily and addressing needs of the community. I am reviewing an application that syncs your notes, which was one area that was different than the Pocket PC.