Upcoming Version of IE Requires Updates to “Active Content” Tags

Due to upcoming modifications in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, changes will have to be made to web sites that use embedded “active” content such as Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, Authorware content, QuickTime video, Java applets, etc. You can find out more about the upcoming version of Internet Explorer on Microsoft’s website at:


Macromedia’s goal is to ensure developers are able to easily update their sites, so we created the Active Content Development Center to assist them. This site provides information, tools, and resources. Once these changes are implemented (sometime early next year), the result should be completely transparent for the end-user. The Active Content Developer Center can be found here:


For active content update related discussions, check out the Macromedia Active Content Update forums here:


Check out the active content update FAQ here:


5 Responses to Upcoming Version of IE Requires Updates to “Active Content” Tags

  1. Dennis Spaag says:

    This strikes me as very silly. I understand that M$ lost a lawsuit (though it has been appealed?), and that this has to change. The solution that gets around the letter of the law is to use JavaScript to write the HTML that embeds the active content? How is that any better? Hopefully the company who “won” the suit will be happy to look like complete morons if this extremely simple, ridiculous workaround is allowed to stand. I hope it does.

  2. Mark Haliday says:

    Come on! Why doesn’t Microsoft or Macromedia just buy out Eolas (a one man shop by the way) and get it over with. Surely this guy can be bought off, I read where he said he would license fairly to anyone but no one had asked him about it yet. Buy him off and lets move on rather than using some horrible Javascript kludge. My customers have JavaScript disabled by default, so this solution is not going to help us.

  3. Eolas, Microsoft and Macromedia Active Content Developer Center (links)

    See Macromedia Active Content Developer Center Microsoft: Information for Developers about Changes to Internet Explorer. Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). Macromedia: How will the Internet be affected? Hot! Will this affect my website? What is Macrom…

  4. dell coupons says:

    Have there been updates on this lawsuit?

  5. Chris Ray says:

    A client of the company I work for asked us to do some research on this lawsuit and I do have update for you regarding the lawsuit. ( check out the details at http://www.iticentral.com/906Full.html )With the matter apparently headed toward a reasonable resolution, people have stopped following the case. But this monster isn’t dead! Outside the lens of public scrutiny, Eolas and the unwitting PTO are like Frankenstein and Igor—working surreptitiously to revive the patent most people thought was long buried. In the process, Eolas is presenting arguments that both fly in the face of common sense and contradict key positions they took during trial. Worse yet, the PTO seems to be buying it (“Yeth, Doctor!”).