A MAX Retrospective

So how was MAX? How were the Day One and Day Two keynotes? How were the sessions? How was the food? What did you think of Salt Lake City? How was your hotel? Did you get one of those cool rockets from the B-Line Express booth? How did the experience compare to DevCon last year?

I, for one, had a blast. My hotel was nice (but a little far from the conference center, so my legs are still sore). I thought the keynotes were great (especially the DRK portion of Day Two!). The sessions I attended were very informative, and I really enjoyed being in Salt Lake City. It’s actually a beautiful place with good restaurants and breathtaking scenery.

I think what I most enjoyed about MAX was talking to Central developers and really getting a sound understanding of the platform. I have always like and understood Central, but it wasn’t until I started using it that I really started to understand the value of it. I’m looking forward to seeing what the community does with it.

Post your thoughts here, or send them directly to me. I’d like to hear from you.

2 Responses to A MAX Retrospective

  1. Milf says:

    pitty I wasnt there :o(

  2. Brian says:

    When will MAX be run again ?