MAX Update II

I just got out of the day 2 keynote which turned out great. The format was that of a morning talk show. Eileen Stanley played the clueless blond hostess, and Tim Buntel played the cheesy baritone host. They both did a great job. I did a small segment on the DRK, highlighting a Flash extension and Blog Man. I really liked the more casual nature of the day 2 keynote. I think everyone had a great time.

Last night, I went to the Central developer playground. You can find some pictures posted on Community Vision (I’m the one kicking butt at SSX 3). It was a great event with all kinds of games, pizza, beer, and a sneak peak at the Central easter egg.

I have a lunch to go to, and then I will spend the rest of the day in sessions until the event tonight. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I hear it involves bungie jumping. Hopefully I’ll be around to blog again tomorrow.

By the way, I still have one more DRK 5 CD to give away. I’ll give it to the next person to post a picture of Mike Chambers on Community Vision.

3 Responses to MAX Update II

  1. Dang! That is the only photo that doesn’t appear!

  2. Ken Azuma says:

    OK. I’ll be a bounty hunter.

  3. Ken Azuma says:

    OK, please check the community vision. Christian, Where are you now?