MAXBloggers Now Supports RSS 2.0 Filters

Previously, in order to be able to filter out MAX specific posts from feeds containing posts for multiple categories, MAXBloggers’ filter expected the category to be specified as <dc:subject>. I tweaked the filter this morning so that it now supports the RSS 2.0 <category> tag, as well. If you’re feed is RSS 2.0, you can now contribute to MAXBloggers!

2 Responses to MAXBloggers Now Supports RSS 2.0 Filters

  1. Waldo Smeets says:

    Thanks for making this possible Christian! Now I did not upgrade my blogsystem for nothing 😉

  2. Christian… I am not sure who to post this to… so I am sending this to you. Perhaps you can send this to whoever is working on the MAX is saying that my last MAX post was 11/14… but I have made SEVERAL MAX posts since then, and will continue to over the next several days (as I get caught up).