Flex – A Third Party Perspective

You’ve probably read all there is to read about Flex on Macromedia’s site, and if you were at MAX, you heard plenty of discussion and saw plenty of demonstrations. Now check out what Java Boutique has to say about Flex.

4 Responses to Flex – A Third Party Perspective

  1. So I guess the NDA doesn’t apply to everyone?

  2. olowe adedeji says:

    I asked to be part of the flex beta testing but never got an answer. is is because i am from nigeria or what? if i go ahead to spend $000s on mm products (i have dw, cf, flash, fw) would it be too bad to test what is coming next. u guys have broken my heart

  3. PC says:

    Christian,Your the poll guy and the CF/Java guy. How about a new Flex poll:Flex Poll: CF vs. Java/JSPWill you use Flex with CF or Java/JSP?Or something to that affect.In reading all the Flex comments from developers and other 3rd parties I’m seeing the vast majority coming from CFers but all the attention by MM and Christophe revolves around Java/JSP. I don’t blame Cristophe since he is a Java guy and that is his background. I think all us CFers would like to see the results of that kind of poll.thanks,PC

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    I think it’s about time that J2EE developers have a decent platform for rich client development – one that is component-based.