Are Apple Power Adapters Suspicious?

I just flew in from my brother’s wedding at Oklahoma University, and I had an interesting experience at the Tulsa airport. It seems my Powerbook’s power adapter made one of the screeners very nervous. She X-rayed it three times, poked, prodded and groped it, then eventually seemed to need to get it officially approved. She said it looked like “some kind of tool.” I assured her it was no more dangerous than my iPod or my mouse, but she seemed unwilling to take my word for it. Eventually I was allowed to pass, but not before my wife had gotten completely bored and wandered off to get some coffee. I’m glad I remembered to take the Leatherman off my keychain or I might still be standing there.

Anyway, I’m glad to be home. Now if only my luggage would join me.

3 Responses to Are Apple Power Adapters Suspicious?

  1. FWIW, I’ve taken several flights with my Powerbook and never had them take a second look at my adapter.In my experience the level of interest you get while passing through security is totally arbitrary, depending on when you go, who is working, how busy it is, and general quantum flux.

  2. g.wygonik says:

    also fwiw, i had airport security freak out one day while i was on tour with my band because the thick stack of stickers (on reflective safety material) was “showing up green” that day on the scanners. i asked what “green” meant, and the person told me that they weren’t allowed to say, but she did mention it changes frequently… so, it might have just been “one of those days” that something in your power supply was showing up green. 🙂 g.

  3. Paul tompson says:

    Security now is really tight – GOOD