Flash on My Sony Clie

I just finished building a financial calculator in Flash 5 for my Sony Clie. The Flash player runs very well on the Clie, and I’m getting all kinds of ideas for other apps I can build. Anyway, I’m having a font issue when running the application on the actual device, but once I have that worked out, I’ll post the source and talk about the process of developing for the Clie. It’s certainly much easier than interest formulas and amortization tables, that’s for sure!

11 Responses to Flash on My Sony Clie

  1. Geoff Bowers says:

    Any news on Flash for other Palm OS devices?? Who do we petition for such a thing?

  2. I’ve been quite curious for sometime about the handheld / Flash / “remoting” combination. Whenever I’ve seen a Clie though with Flash it seems to be “version 1.0”. Any idea if they’ll start embedding wireless auto-update in these devices for the always-latest Flash features?

  3. Nisse Bryngfors says:

    Just bought myself a Sonyericsson P900 as a late christmas gift, and I’m very happy about it i must say. Will we ever se a Flashplayer for that device? Would be very cool…

  4. eokyere says:

    like geoff, i wonder why there isn’t a player for generic palm os devices now. with all the power in the palm TC and the like, coupled with the fact that palm os devices (especially pdas) account for a big chunk of market share in their respective markets, that could become a big market for us developers iff we had a player

  5. I don’t really know why there isn’t a “generic” Flash player for the Palm OS (or for Symbian, for that matter). I’ll have to look into that. It would certainly be cool if there were. I think any device that requires electricity should come with a Flash player and a JVM pre-installed. I’m guessing it’s a licensing issue as opposed to a technical one.Christian

  6. eokyere says:

    [quote]I’m guessing it’s a licensing issue as opposed to a technical one.[/quote]that is what i want to belive too, but if it is not a tech issue, then what is holding palm back? certainly, all the people licensing flash couldn’t be wrong? flash is proven! so if it is indeed not a tech issue, then the marketing dept at MM shd be doing a better job on palm, os it that the palmOS isn’t on their agenda? which translates “it’s not a tech issue” into “yeah, we can build it, but we are not looking into it now”? maybe i shd send an e-mail to the palm people and see if they have anything on this.

  7. I’m not sure if I would agree with that assessment. The Flash player is available on several mobile platforms, so I’m quite certain Palm hasn’t simply been overlooked. Palm has only recently starting manufacturing hardware worthy of a Flash player, so I’m guessing the business side the of the equation simply hasn’t caught up yet. Before the Tungsten series and Palm OS 5, Palm’s hardware and software were both substandard, and nothing I would want to try to run Flash on.

  8. eokyere says:

    christian, i absolutely agree with you… if it’s not a tungsten or anything about same or better, that isn’t what we are talking about.but the tungstens have been out there for quite a while now. i had the T (original) early when it came out, but gave it away after a while. If there was a flash player, i’d get the C quick

  9. If you want a Flash player and all the features of the Tungsten C (and much much more), spend a little extra and get the Sony Clie UX50. It’s really amazing. I’ve owned a lot of PDAs, and the Clie UX50 is by far the best.That said, if I could find a reliable way to synch a Pocket PC device with my Mac, I’d probably switch to Pocket PC. Sony’s hardware is unbelievable, but the Palm OS (even 5.x) is still not nearly what it should be. More than anything, I want to be able to switch between applications w/o having to restart apps. That’s the #1 problem with Palm, in my opinion.

  10. Victor says:

    I love the Sony line of PDAs but I really balk at the fact that Sony hasn’t updated the player beyond Flash 5! Come on… Flash 6+ would be such a leap in order to take advantage of the wi-fi abilities of current and upcoming CliĆ©s, improved player engine and not to mention the ability to develop in MX/MX’04.