How Do You Like Your Documentation?

Generally speaking, what format do you like to see documentation in? PDF? FlashPaper? HTML? RTF? Text? Microsoft Word?

Personally, I prefer HTML. I can navigate and find what I need in my browser faster than anywhere else. I almost always have Javadoc in one browser tab and Macromedia LiveDocs open in another. If I need to be able to read documentation offline (on an airplane, for instance, since that’s about the only place I ever go anymore where I’m completely offline), I either save the HTML as a PDF, or preferably, download the HTML to browse locally. HTML prints well enough (although I almost never print anything), loads quickly, can be easily kept up to date, and generally fits into my workflow better than anything else.

In what format would you like to see most or all of the documentation you use on a regular basis, and why? (Don’t forget to take the poll!)