MXNA Performance and Uptime

I know some of you have noticed (since you have sent me email) that MXNA and our weblogs have occasionally been going down, and that the server is often pretty slow. As we accumulate more and more feeds, more archived posts, more traffic, and as more people have started using our ping API so that we pick up their posts in realtime, the server has really suffered. After a little investigation, we discovered that PostgreSQL processes were always to blame whenever the server was in a bad state. I tried installing hot fixes, updated drivers, and even experimented with caching, but PostgreSQL has continued to have problems. Finally, Mike Chambers and I decided to try switching my MySQL, instead, since it is known for it’s superior performance. After about a day of migration work, MXNA is now running MySQL, and it is many times faster than it was. Even the largest queries return almost instantly, and MySQL processes have very little impact on overall system resources. We had opted for PostgreSQL over MySQL initially because:

  1. The PostgreSQL command line interface is better than MySQL’s (out of the box).
  2. PostgreSQL supports more features.
  3. I have always found PostgreSQL’s security and user model to be more intuitive and easier to work with.

In the end, however, performance is our #1 priority, so now I am very happy with MySQL, and with the state of MXNA. We have a couple new features which we have been hesitant to launch because of performance issues which now I believe will be receiving the green light very soon. Stay tuned.