Pretty Impressed With JEdit

I’ve typically shied away from editors written in Java, however I decided to try out JEdit 4.1 today to see how far it’s come. I must say, I’m pretty impressed. It’s too early to say whether I’ll actually convert, but it’s one of the very few editors with Mac support that I would even consider switching to. It’s responsive, intuitive, and seems to have most if not all the features I need (including column select). Maybe I’ll try it over the weekend and see if I’m still impressed on Monday.

9 Responses to Pretty Impressed With JEdit

  1. Matt Liotta says:

    As far as I am concerned, Eclipse is the best IDE available for the Mac and it is written in Java.

  2. I switched to jEdit for a while for my ColdFusion development after Dreamweaver MX initially came out and was very impressed by it. I switched back to DW once the DWMX6.1 update came out tho’ and have stuck with it ever since.For Java development, my team tend to use TogetherSoft’s Control Center which is a full-blown UML-based CASE tool with simultaneous round-trip engineering (edit the model, it updates the code – edit the code, it updates the model – and it always keeps the two in sync). It’s now owned by Borland.For free stuff, jEdit or Eclipse are both awesome.

  3. Jacob Sevlie says:

    I just downloaded jEdit after I read your blog entry… I am pretty impressed with the speed and smoothness of the program. It seems like it would work best for Java editing… But for things like ColdFusion and Actionscript, the syntax highlighting in HomeSite+ beats it all the way to the bank…Otherwise, very very very nice! And FREE!

  4. I noticed right away that syntax highlighting (the actual color schemes) left something to be desired, but that can be fixed pretty easily.Christian

  5. Ken Azuma says:

    JEdit is very impressive by its feature, but it does not support Japanese input….

  6. Jacob Sevlie says:

    Yah, if there’s a place to pick up syntax dictionaries for jEdit (or something along that lines), that would be a nice addition.

  7. Bill Dawson says:

    I have been using jEdit for a while to develop on the Macintosh.One of the features I have found most useful is the CodeBrowser plug-in. It allows you to jump directly to your functions:

  8. bill kenzdra says:

    Do you guys know about Intellij IDEA ( That is by far the best java IDEA and written in Java.And btw last couple of years Eclipse team was busy copying all new features of IDEA until they finally managed to make something usable 🙂

  9. Ramene Anthony says:

    Ive been thru so many editors in all my years of development and I must admit JEdit it up there… but, up against the Eclipse Project ? That’s another story altogether.I can’t in good faith say that one is better than the other as the eclipse project has not been kicked off as best as we developers would like it to have been.