Breeze Does it All (including 3-D)

Naturally, I have participated in many Breeze Live events, and I have used Breeze for simple presentation generation, but the other day, I used Breeze and Breeze Live for the first time to conduct full-scale meeting and software demonstration. Man, was I impressed.

I started off with a brief presentation which I shared with about 50 participants. The presentation was generated from a PPT file which I uploaded right through the Breeze interface. Next, I shared my desktop and conducted a software demonstration, and ended by handing the meeting over to someone by making him a presenter. He then had full control of the meeting, and simply handed control back to me when he was done. We switched into discussion mode and spent some time answering questions, and when we ended, I felt like I had been just as effective over Breeze Live as I would have been in person. And we didn’t even use any of the streaming audio and video features!

What impressed me most was how simple and fluid the whole process was, and that both Mac and Windows users were able to participate equally (we have a lot of Mac users at Macromedia). I even discovered that Breeze can render funky metaphysical infinite 3-D hallways by sharing and previewing your desktop simultaneously: