Chatting, Evolved

I finally broke down and bought an iSight over the weekend, and I’m very impressed with it. So far, I’m not getting a huge amount of use out of it, however, since I only know a couple of people with both Macs and iSights, and I don’t like the idea of one-way video chat (it just doesn’t seem fair). Fortunately, the newest version of AIM (5.5) is supposed to have a video chat feature that is compatible with the public beta of iChat 2.1. I tried to get it working at home with a Windows machine upstairs, but I think you need Windows XP, and I’m still using 2000. If anyone wants to give it a try, my AIM screen name is “qantrell66”. (For old-fashioned text chatting, my ICQ number is “57644155”).

5 Responses to Chatting, Evolved

  1. Scott Fegette says:

    Always glad to video iChat when on my Mac- my nick is ‘skotfegette’ on AIM. Don’t do ICQ, tho…

  2. Christian, any definitive word on whether iSight works with Flash video? I’ve held off on purchasing iSight because it sounds like iSight and Flash aren’t compatible.

  3. I did some initial testing, and it appears that the iSignt does not work with Flash. I will get the official word and post here.Christian

  4. WARNING! Stay away from iChat 1.2 Public Beta v151. After about 10 minutes of video chatting, your entire machine will freeze and require power-cycling. Happened to me twice!Christian

  5. I take that back. The iSight does work. I’ll make an official post.Christian