Flash and the Apple iSight

Someone asked me recently if the iSight works with Flash, and the answer is that it works great. You may have have to update your Flash setting, however. If you are finding that your iSight isn’t working with Flash, right-click on any Flash movie and choose “Settings…”, then click on the camera icon. Choose “IIDC FireWire Video” from the menu. You can also use the iSight for audio by clicking on the microphone icon and choosing “iSight”. I tested it with a Flash Communication Server application, and the it worked great. Now we just need to change the Flash camera icon from the spherical Logitech-like form factor to the slim, lithe, cylindrical look of the iSight.

Mac and iSight users, be warned. I’ve have had two OS crashes during video chatting (with Scott Fegette) using iChat AV Public Beta 1.2 v151, and two other OS crashes that I have not been able to pin on anything in particular yet. When I upgraded to Panther, I started using iChat AV (in conjunction with Proteus) and an iSight, so it’s hard to say what is causing the crashes, but I’m in the process of narrowing it down now. Any suggestions?

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  1. Christian, thanks for checking it out! That’s a google friendly entry title if I ever saw one. 🙂

  2. mark76 says:

    i think that you can help me .i have a isight and a powerbook G3 with ichat avI am a video chat user from a web site based on flash player,but my cam dont work in this chat .I hope thath you help meRegards Mark76