New Tools For MXNA

We added a couple of new tools to MXNA today. Specifically, we added OPML feeds, an MXNA webservice API, and an MXNA ActionScript 2 webservice library. (If you use NetNewsWire, it will slurp up OPML feeds, and I’m guessing other aggregators will, as well). Additionally, there will be a Central MXNA webservice API available shortly. Find out details on the new MXNA Tools page.

7 Responses to New Tools For MXNA

  1. JesterXL says:

    Please blog when the Central one is available. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Geoff Bowers says:

    Great you guys are catching up! Fullasagoog has had OPML, RSS and a webservice for over a year!

  3. mike chambers says:

    Geoff,I can’t find the ActionScript library to interface with the goog web service.Can you post (or send me) the link?thanks…mike

  4. Geoff Bowers says:

    Touche’ But we’ve always felt that Flash MX 2004 databinding was so easy any Flash developer worth his salt should be up and running in no time!!

  5. Sam says:

    The OPML feeds send back a content type of text/html. Probably should be changed to text/xml.

  6. Thanks, Sam. It’s set to “text/xml” now.Christian