Running JRun and ColdFusion with Java 1.4.2 on OS X

NOTE: The solution below is neither supported nor endorsed by Macromedia. Use at your own risk!

Most of you running JRun/CF on OS X are aware of the fact that we have been stuck with Java 1.3.1 while everyone else has gotten the benefit of newer versions of Java. For reasons unknown (at least to me), editing your jvm.config file and changing java.home to point to a newer version of Java did not work. Fortunately, there is another way. CD into JRun’s lib directory, and type the following command:

java -jar ./jrun.jar -start default

I have the process scripted. Below is the meat of my “” script:


java -jar ${JRUN_HOME}/lib/jrun.jar -start default admin \
1>$LOG_HOME/default-out.log 2>$LOG_HOME/default-err.log

Unfortunately I have found that I have to start the admin server along with the default server in order to affect the JVM’s classpath (I need to add drivers for PostgreSQL). For some reason, using the -cp flag hasn’t worked. Still looking into that.

Anyway, once again, this is not a supported configuration, and if you choose to try it, you are doing so at your own risk.