Updating ALL Your Flash Players

If you need to update your Flash Player browser plugin, you can go to just about any page on Macromedia’s site and find a link to the Macromedia Flash Player Download Center. But why update just your plugin when you can update your plugin, Active X controls, standalone player and Flash Test Movie players all at once? There’s a page on the Macromedia Flash Support Center that lets you download an executable that will do it all.

Some Flash Player facts:

  • The most recent Flash Player version is 7.0.r19.
  • The plugin, Active X control, standalone player and test movie player are all up to 7.0.r19.
  • Download the plugin/Active X update here.
  • Download updates for all players here.
  • Find out which player versions you have (and test them) here.
  • Find out which test movie player you have by tracing the variable $version.