Updating ALL Your Flash Players

If you need to update your Flash Player browser plugin, you can go to just about any page on Macromedia’s site and find a link to the Macromedia Flash Player Download Center. But why update just your plugin when you can update your plugin, Active X controls, standalone player and Flash Test Movie players all at once? There’s a page on the Macromedia Flash Support Center that lets you download an executable that will do it all.

Some Flash Player facts:

  • The most recent Flash Player version is 7.0.r19.
  • The plugin, Active X control, standalone player and test movie player are all up to 7.0.r19.
  • Download the plugin/Active X update here.
  • Download updates for all players here.
  • Find out which player versions you have (and test them) here.
  • Find out which test movie player you have by tracing the variable $version.

One Response to Updating ALL Your Flash Players

  1. VERY cool URL – I hadn’t seen that one before. Thanks for sharing it. One question though: when you run the Windows installer at that URL, it prompts you to restart your machine in order for the changes to take effect. I’ve never had a Flash updater ask me to do anything other than close and reopen all of my browser windows or close and reopen my authoring environment. Do you know if restarting the computer is actually necessary and if so, why?