Eclipse and ColdFusion

Who out there is using Eclipse for ColdFusion coding? Which plugins (if any) are you using, and how do you like them? The two I know of are cfeclipse by (I think) Oliver Tupman and Rob Rohan, and cfplugin by Matt Liotta. I haven’t used Eclipse yet, but I think it’s time I give it (and these CF plugins) a try. I’ll report my findings here.

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  1. Rob Brooks-Bilson says:

    Matt also has a Mach-ii plugin for Eclipse. I personally would love to see more Eclipse plugins for CF as Eclipse/WSAD is our standard Java IDE, although we aren’t using it for CF development yet.

  2. Doug Keen says:

    I’ve been using Eclipse with cfeclipse, dbedit, HTMLTidy, and a MS Visual SourceSafe plugin for a couple months now. Other than the slow load time (which reminds me of DW, anyway), and a bit of extra work to get everything configured, I’ve been very happy with the environment. I especially like that I can do pretty much everything I need when writing CF apps within one IDE without having to switch between DW, some kind of DBMS studio, and VSS (I never liked DW’s native integration). The only pet peeves I have is the code hinting/autocompletion is not quite up to DW standards, and there’s no instant, contextual access to CFML documentation.I still have yet to try Matt’s plugin.

  3. Vui Lo says:

    I have come to use Eclipse simply because I want to try on cfeclipse. I must say I’m very impressed with both. SWT makes Eclipse look and feel like a native application as compared to slow Swing/AWT Java application. Good job, IBM! CFEclipse is intuitive and easy to use. I’d like to see it’s integration with the Mach-II framework..

  4. Andrew says:

    Does CFEclipse work in WSAD? My installation of it went without error, but the “CFML Editor” that I was supposed to associate with cfm and cfc extentions in the Workbench/File Associations is non existent. Consequently, I cannot open said files. Am I missing something? With HS on its way out, this seems more & more appealing (though DW is improving, yada yada yada).

  5. Ramene Anthony says:

    Ive been using Eclipse for months now… although, I can agree with some of the pet peeve’s Doug mentioned – its magnitudes better than DW.Im using a number of different pluggins including:cfeclipseldapbrowseregular expression testerAndrew: I do not believe that cfeclipse works with Eclipse… while IBM Websphere Studio which relies heavily upon Eclipse’s “framework” – I don’t think that version and the opensource project version are quite the same.Cheers

  6. I’ve been using eclipse for several months now and have been pretty impressed. I’ve seen one cf coding project that had tag insight but it was almost unusable. I took the generic xml editor and created a custom editor that really is nothing more than the xml editor and it’s been great for color coding and other things. I REALLY like the cvs integration and the ftp functionality is usable.

  7. octavio says:

    Trying to get eclipse going to cf development but my only question is if I have to create a project if I just want to work on one specific file?Using other editors are convenient since I can associate the document type to that editor and I can start working on it right away. Maybe eclipse can do this as well, I just have not been able to find how.

  8. How about CFMX on Eclipse?

    Eclipse, an open extensible IDE, is probably one of the most successful open source product. There is a plugin for CFMX.

  9. Rob says:

    Hey there Christian nice site 🙂 If / when you try out cfeclipse let me know if you have any problems or questions. For those who asked, it only works with Eclipse 3.0 (M8 currently) so I doubt it’ll work with the current stable version of websphere (I guess thats WSAD).Thanks for checking it out Christian.Rob

  10. Just to let anyone who passes by this blog entry know that there is a new release of CFEclipse out (1.1.13). Nothing major apart from the fact that you can get it via Eclipse’s update facility. Just point your copy of Eclipse towards