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What are Macromedia developers out there using for ER diagraming? For small projects (meaning a few tables), I just use text files and write the SQL by hand. For larger projects, I have actually used UML tools with some success, and more generic tools like OmniGraffle. Last night, I decided I wanted something more sophisticated, however, that could generate SQL for me, so I downloaded a tool called XERD for OS X. So far, I’m pretty impressed with it, though I haven’t generated any SQL with it yet, which I believe will be the true test. I like the fact that it’s simple and streamlined, serving just this one specific purpose, and that it supports multiple databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and OpenBase).

What other tools are people using, for Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris?

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  1. Jaime V. Jacinto Jr. says:

    Christian Cantrell in his article “Macromedia Flash Remoting Makes Macromedia Flash an Alternative to JSP and Applets” mentioned about Flash Remoting will invoke JSPs.I would like to know how is it done and please, provide me technical example of this.Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  2. dave ross says:

    I use Visio 2000… 2002 sucks because it won’t forward engineer/script out a db, they purposely removed that functionality to sell more copies of VS.NET Enterprise Architect (& I already own VS.NET Pro). Since I work with nearly 100% MS-SQL db’s, Visio seemed like a logical choice. 2002 can reverse engineer existing db’s pretty good though.

  3. Zac Spitzer says:

    I have used ER/Studio on a lot of projects,it’s quite pricy, there’s no list price but i have haggled with them in the past and then paid a lot less than they asked for to start with :)but it’s a real tool for doing E/R stuff… makes visio look like a flowcharting tool… err it is :-)windows platform only, but supports all the major databases out therebut a very good product over all

  4. Barry Frost says:

    I’ve been happily using CASE Studio for the last year. It works with most databases out there and generates all the DDL for you. I’ve found its HTML/RTF reporting to be very useful for a project website. It’s reasonably-priced too.Windows-only I believe.

  5. Thomas says:

    CaseStudio absolutely:http://www.casestudio.comIs the best ERD Software with the lowest price.

  6. Andy Tyrone says:

    I’ve used a few, from Visio to ERWin, but I’ve settled on a more affordable program that is powerful enough for our needs here. It’s called Dezign for Databases. The author has done a great job on the new 3.x version, which is very affordable in my opinion.

  7. I also use and like Dezign for Databases.

  8. David says:

    Dezign x3

  9. Todd says:

    Add one more for Case Studio… I’ve used’s stuff before and I’ve found Case Studio to be a little better.

  10. Together Control Center (now owned by Borland). It’s a UML CASE tool with round-trip (forward/reverse) engineering for Java and other languages and it also has full-function ERD functionality.

  11. Tedd says:

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 3.51

  12. Tedd says:

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 3.51

  13. Luis says:

    Together Control Center 5.5. It works on Windows, Linux and now working fine in Mac OS X 10.3.4/JDK 1.4.2. Never used newer Together Borland’s versions, though.