Flashforward Update – Town Meeting with the Flash Team

So far, Flashforward 2004 has been a blast. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Danny Dura (newest member of the Central team), and we have really been delving into the potential of some of Macromedia newest inventions like Flex, Central, Breeze Live and others which I can mention after today’s keynote, but not before. I’m still completely amazed by the amount of innovation that goes on at Macromedia.

I attended a great session last evening called “Town Meeting with the Macromedia Flash Team”. Lucian Beebe, Gary Grossman, Nigel Pegg, Paul Betlem, Gilles Drieu, and Rebecca Sun simply sat up on stage as microphones were passed around the audience, and answered as many questions as they could in an hour. The team was very straightforward and the session went extremely well, with lots of great questions and feedback. The one thing the Flash team kept emphasizing was that they needed to hear from the community what you feel their top priorities should be for future versions of Flash or dot releases of the current version. For those of you who didn’t attend and could not contribute in person, any comments posted here will be sent right to the Flash team.