Flex 1.0 is Live

Flex 1.0 has been released! There’s no sense in me discussing it extensively here — everything you will want to know is outlined on the Flex product page on Macromedia’s website. I’ll just say that I’ve been playing with Flex a lot for the last few days, and it’s really amazing technology. I’m in Newton right now, immersing myself in Flex, which I’m loving!

3 Responses to Flex 1.0 is Live

  1. Alex Hubner says:

    Flex is very nice but is too expensive IMHO. Hope it plays well for what it was created (RAD for RIAs) despite of it’s exclusivist tight beta cicle and Macromedia (many bugs?).

  2. Alex Hubner says:

    typo where you read “and Macromedia” in the end of the post above.

  3. Flex is certainly an enterprise level solution in terms of functionality and pricing, but we think it’s priced pretty appropriately as such. Also, the last round of beta testing was open to anyone who wanted to participate.