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Leaving for Flashforward 2004

I’ll be leave first thing in the morning for Flashforward 2004 in San Francisco. The fun should start almost immediately as I will be meeting Chafic of at the airport and we will try to reserve an entire exit row for ourselves and our laptops, MP3 players, PDAs, etc. It’s a long flight, but I already have more to do than can possibly be accomplished between coasts with Central, Flex and ColdFusion applications I’m working on (not to mention a new casino game I just installed).

I’ll be walking around Flashforward 2004 with some DRK CDs, so if you see me, come introduce yourself and tactfully see if you can get me to give you one for free. Hope to see many of you in San Francisco! I’ll post again when I can.

Added on 3/1/2004 at 6:30
BTW, some people have asked what I look like so they know how to find me. I’ll be wearing a brand new, bright blue pair of Nike Shox and wearing a blue Brenthaven backpack with a Powerbook inside.