Changing The Flex Preloader

I’ve seen a few people ask if there is any way to turn off the default preloader in Flex applications. You can do so using the “usePreloader” attribute of the Application tag, like this:

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" usePreloader="false">

But why turn it off? It’s so nice! I can understand wanting to customize it, though, which you can do using the “preloader” attribute of the Application tag. For more information on customizing the Flex application preloader, search the Flex LiveDocs for the term “preloader” and you’ll get all the information you need.

2 Responses to Changing The Flex Preloader

  1. ericd says:

    it makes it seem slower – i think. if you don’t see it it seems faster. at least for a simple application.

  2. Thiyagarajan.G says:

    Really thank u very much … it helps me a lot