Offline For a Couple Weeks

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am on paternity leave from now until the first week of May, so I probably won’t be doing much posting. The time that I typically allocate for blogging will probably be used for sleeping instead.

Try not to let anything too interesting happen while I’m gone!

6 Responses to Offline For a Couple Weeks

  1. Sounds good, I’ve just had a couple of weeks off myself for paternity. Make sure you get lots of sleep!!! Sleep deprivation is an awful thing.

  2. Best of luck Christian!

  3. djuggler says:

    Congratulations! Don’t worry about the sleep. Hold and rock that child every moment you can. Enjoy the magic!

  4. Paul Arce says:

    Congrats on the little one!

  5. jacob says:

    congrats. get your rest when you can. if you’re lucky, your baby will be sleeping through the night (8 hours straight) by the time she/he is 4 weeks old. our little one started pushing 8-10 hours of sleep per night after a month, and hasn’t let up!have fun, and spoil the baby like crazy the first few months!

  6. Neil Robertson-Ravo (Team Macromedia) says:

    Congrats my man! Our little one is 6 months old now and like above…get them into a routine early and you will never look back as far as sleep is concerned!!!! post when you get back…with some pics of course 😉