Cool Bluetooth Toy

I installed this very cool little Bluetooth utility today called BluePhoneMenu, and it works perfectly. As long as my cell phone is in range and Bluetooth is enabled, the utility reports signal strength, battery life, and shows a call log. When the phone rings, the screen flashes, and a windows pops up with the number and, if possible, the name of the caller. The app will check the Phone Book application for matches, and can even be configured to pause iTunes so you can take the call in peace. Very fun application.

3 Responses to Cool Bluetooth Toy

  1. Mr K says:

    Oh man …I so need to get me a Mac … you guys have some of the GREATEST toys ….

  2. quiksan says:

    and for the most part it’s freeware, open source, or cheap-ish shareware too! ;)yeah, lot’s of fun little apps on the Apple. I actually found this one a couple days before this post. it’s pretty cool, course now in the day of the assigned ring tones to specific numbers, it’s not as useful as it could have been in the past.still, I use it anyway.

  3. wish you luck and success..