Count Some Change, Win a DRK

I’ve been collecting loose change in a giant pickle jar for years, but recently it’s reached its capacity. I thought about using one of those Coinstar machines at the grocery store to convert it to cash, however I seem to remember they keep something like 8 or 9% of your money, which can go a long way toward a personal coin sorting machine. I picked one up at Staples over the weekend, and one evening this week, I’ll turn on some music or sit in front of the TV and see how much my pickle jar actually holds.

How much money do you think is in the jar? I have absolutely no idea myself. Somewhere in the hundreds, I guess. More than one hundred, less than one thousand. The person who can come closest to guessing will win a free DRK of their choice (post guesses here, or send them to me directly). It’s ok if you go over the amount — you just have to be the closest. One guess per person, please.

I included a CD in the picture help give you some perspective on how big the jar is. Another hint: the jar weighs 35.5 pounds, if that’s of any use. Good luck!