Count Some Change, Win a DRK

I’ve been collecting loose change in a giant pickle jar for years, but recently it’s reached its capacity. I thought about using one of those Coinstar machines at the grocery store to convert it to cash, however I seem to remember they keep something like 8 or 9% of your money, which can go a long way toward a personal coin sorting machine. I picked one up at Staples over the weekend, and one evening this week, I’ll turn on some music or sit in front of the TV and see how much my pickle jar actually holds.

How much money do you think is in the jar? I have absolutely no idea myself. Somewhere in the hundreds, I guess. More than one hundred, less than one thousand. The person who can come closest to guessing will win a free DRK of their choice (post guesses here, or send them to me directly). It’s ok if you go over the amount — you just have to be the closest. One guess per person, please.

I included a CD in the picture help give you some perspective on how big the jar is. Another hint: the jar weighs 35.5 pounds, if that’s of any use. Good luck!

66 Responses to Count Some Change, Win a DRK

  1. Todd Fraser says:

    I’m terrible at guessing these, but here goes:$474Nice round number. Although for some reason, I can’t imagine it being that high.Cool idea for the contest!

  2. Bradley Miller says:


  3. Eric Jones says:

    What is $185.73?oh were we not supposed to phrase it in the form of a question?

  4. Tom Cornilliac says:


  5. JoBee says:

    431.15I have once won such a competition to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar. I hope I am in luck this time as well. Cool idea by the way for a contest!

  6. ken mcewan says:

    And my guess is……………………….234.57

  7. Jimmy says:

    I have a change jar about the same size at home. I didn’t want to count it all out so I took a 5 lb sample. Counted all of that out and multiplied that by 7 (I had 35lbs also) which came out to nearly $500. So my guess is… $510.26.

  8. Andrew says:

    I’ll take $525.

  9. sengung says:


  10. With that much small change in there, you only have 300$

  11. Steve Nelson says:

    Clearly there is $362.56 in there.

  12. Ian says:


  13. Craig M. Rosenblum says:

    238.75 on the dot!

  14. Daniel says:

    I’ll say $302 …It’s the sum of all my first name characters converted to dec values =P( First letter capitalized )

  15. Gonçalo says:

    $400show me da money

  16. Alex Hubner says:

    I mean: U$ 132.00

  17. brian says:


  18. Randy says:

    After using advanced photo imaging to enlarge the image and then quantum physics to determine the space time continuum associated with the stacking and placement of the coins, I’ve know for a fact that there is $113.08 in the jar. You don’t even need to count. Just accept the answer and give me the prize.

  19. Josh Dura says:

    $123.45:) simple enough

  20. Boujin says:


  21. I’ll go with $427.36

  22. Christopher Bradford says:


  23. Jeff Garza says:

    Wow… what a pickle you are in! Let me help by guessing $265.33.If I win, I’ll be donating the DRK to the Phoenix ColdFusion Usergroup! Do you need any extra change to round that figure out???

  24. Aqil Mansuri says:


  25. Richard T-J says:


  26. Antony says:

    $203.19, give or take… (I lost count a few times and had to start over…)

  27. Hans says:

    The average weight of a 1 gallon container of mixed coins according to coinstar is $160.95. Looks like a good mix to me, and somewhere around a gallon container, so I’ll go with coinstar’s number.

  28. Mark M says:

    My guess is $186

  29. Karen Overocker says:

    I used to have to move that darn pickle jar when I was cleaning your room. I’m glad it’s in your house now! My guess is $397.79.

  30. paul arce says:

    $186.05CC-If you have a navy federal account there is no charge! It just gets deposited directly into your bank account.

  31. Trevor Holm-laursen says:

    341.56 I think

  32. Greg Schmidt says:


  33. Charlie Schutz says:

    I’d say around $285

  34. Patrick Tai says:

    Say $478

  35. Evan says:


  36. Jetty de Koster says:


  37. Mark MS says:


  38. E. Brown says:

    I’ll go with 509.97

  39. craig concannon says:


  40. mak says:

    I will say $335.75

  41. Ryan Cleveland says:


  42. Paul Proffitt says:

    I’m guessing $370.38.

  43. Fee says:

    Hmmm… 247.42

  44. Kevin Marino says:

    using a little calculus, probability theory, picture enhancement, my fingers and toes, I calculate the following245.44-1 (this due to the inevitable Canadian penny)——————–$245.43

  45. Charlie Madras says:

    $ 356

  46. tcs says:

    167.50My 2 cents(?)

  47. Matt Gregg says:


  48. Aydin Baltaci says:

    Other than myself, 63 guesses placed. Lowest 113.08, highest 764.19…Most guesses are placed between the 300 and 400 (21 of them). Average value is $334.60.Now, if we sample the coin count from the well lit part of the picture we assume that 35% pennies, 26% nickels, 22%dimes and 17% quarters jar contains. Distributing the total weight to coin types and calculating the actual values with per coin type unique wieght gives us $360.00I will go with the average of these 2 values,so my guess is ___ $347.30 ___

  49. Henk Frijters says:


  50. Dale Wright says:

    My Guess is: $512.22

  51. Tim OConnell says: