Migrating and Propagating Bookmarks

I recently got a second laptop (a ThinkPad) which I will be using on a day-to-day basis in conjunction with my Mac, so naturally I wanted to have it equipped with the hundreds of bookmarks I’ve accumulated inside of Safari. I also decided that it was time to solve the problem of bookmark synchronization once and for all. Firefox, an extension called “Bookmark Backup,” and a handy little program called Safari Bookmark Exporter solved all my problems.

The first thing I did was download Firefox 0.8, then I used the Safari Bookmark Exporter utility to export all my hundreds of bookmarks from Safari to Firefox. I then installed the Bookmark Backup extension which automatically FTPed an XML file containing all my bookmarks to a central server where any number of other Firefox instances could, and soon did, import them. Now all my machines have the exact same bookmark configuration.

I like Safari, and I really liked MyIE2 when I tested it out the other day, but the ability to synchronize bookmarks across machines and platforms has made me a devoted Firefox user.