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PayPal Exposes Web Services

PayPal, following the lead of their parent company, eBay, has decided to expose a set of Web services to allow software developers to retrieve transaction information, refund money, and automatically transfer funds. Has anyone tried this with ColdFusion or Flash yet?

Who’s Using MyIE2?

How many people out there are using MyIE2 as their primary browser? I’m still mostly a Mac user, but I downloaded MyIE2 today on my secondary Windows machine to have a look at it, and I’m very impressed. What’s my #1 favorite feature? The ability to reposition tabs! Although I think Safari is generally a pretty good browser, and I love Firefox, MyIE2 is the first implementation I’ve seen that lets you reposition document tabs, which I have always wanted (as an aside, I think OS X really needs to start embracing the concept of tabs in general). I also like the “Super Drag & Drop” feature, and although I don’t know if could get into them or not, I like the idea of mouse gestures. The build-in search feature is also the most sophisticated I’ve ever seen, and I think the tiling capability is very cool and useful, as well.

I’d love to see a project like this for OS X. I generally like the rendering capabilities of Safari, but I don’t think the browser itself is nearly as functional as Firefox, and it’s not even close to MyIE2.