The Change is All Counted!

In honor of the last day of community week, I will be giving away a free DRK to Steve Nelson. My change jar contained exactly $363.75 worth of change, and Steve’s guess was $362.56, making him off by only $1.19. Congratulations, Steve! I’ll be contacting you directly.

Now for some other interesting statistics:

Total number of entries: 76 (between comments and personal email)

Highest guess: $764.19 (I wish!)

Lowest guess: $98.00

Most scientific guess: 1 penny weighs 2.5 grams. 1 nickel weighs 5.0 grams. 1 dime weighs 2.268 grams. so 1 penny + 1 nickel + 1 dime weighs 9.768 grams and is worth of $0.16. 1. assume the collection is random, but no Quarter; 2. assume the jar itself weighs 2 pounds (just a wild guess … if this is not close enough, the guess won’t). 35.5 – 2 = 33.5 pounds = 33.5 * 453.6 = 15195.6 grams. 15195.6/9.768 * 0.16 = $ 248.90

Runner up for most scientific guess: Other than myself, 63 guesses placed. Lowest 113.08, highest 764.19…Most guesses are placed between the 300 and 400 (21 of them). Average value is $334.60. Now, if we sample the coin count from the well lit part of the picture we assume that 35% pennies, 26% nickels, 22%dimes and 17% quarters jar contains. Distributing the total weight to coin types and calculating the actual values with per coin type unique wieght gives us $360.00. I will go with the average of these 2 values, so my guess is $347.30.

Least scientific guess: $123.45

Most important lesson learned: Next time, just use Coinstar! (As Sam warned.)

Thanks for playing, all! It was fun (except the counting part)!