What Can You Do With Flash Video?

How familiar are you guys with Flash video? Do you have a good sense of what you can do with it? Well, just imagine everything you can do with Flash, then simply imagine integrating streaming video and audio. I mean real integration. Flash video doesn’t have to play all by itself off on its own. It can be integrated right into your applications, animations or presentations. It can be interactive, unconventional, creative, different, funky and amazing. Check out this online booklet which shows you some of the cools things you can do with Flash video, and don’t forget to visit the examples at the bottom of each page.

One Response to What Can You Do With Flash Video?

  1. Jacob says:

    We use live streaming Flash Video (utilizing Flash Communication Server) for one of our applications here at my job. Works great, but the licensing structure of FlashComm SUCKS.They license it on bandwidth usage, which is completely ridiculous. Why does it matter how much data I’m pushing out — shouldn’t just the # of connections make a difference?So, we can support 2,000 users publishing 8kbps audio, but only 120 users publishing 8kpbs video (even though our server and hosting environment could handle much more).I like Flash Video, but they need to change their licensing scheme on FlashComm