Heading to CFUN

I’ll be heading up to Maryland for CFUN 2004 in a few hours to join many friends and colleagues for a weekend of ColdFusion, a little Flash, and maybe a tiny bit of socializing. CFUN is definitely one of the best ColdFusion conferences around, and I feel fortunate I am only about an hour south of the venue (though I would happily travel anywhere to participate).

I’m going to be doing a session on Sunday on Flash for ColdFusion developers which is basically going to be an introduction to Flash and RIAs, geared toward ColdFusion folks. The presentation will probably eventually make it to my weblog, so if you’re interested in learning some Flash fundamentals, keep an eye out.

If you’re going to CFUN, please come by and introduce yourself. I’ll even have some DRKs to give out to the first few folks who ask me for one. Hope to see you there!

One Response to Heading to CFUN

  1. Troy Murray says:

    AWESOME presentation! Really enjoyed this presentation, just not enough time to really absorb all of the information. The wireless connection bombed so we couldn’t see all of the examples. I’d be very interested in the presentation and source if posted.