No More Sony Clies In the US

According to this Reuters article, Sony is done developing and selling handhelds in the US. That’s right — no more Sony Clies. Apparently, the market is declining at such a rate that Sony has decided it isn’t worth competing anymore outside their home market of Japan. I wonder if this will increase or decrease the value of my UX50.

So why is the market declining? Do you think that too many people’s desk drawers are full of dusty, discharged, disused PDAs? Have Americans decided it’s easier and cheaper to write on the palms of their hands? Are Clies too expensive? Do Americans prefer the handhelds designed by PalmOne, or Windows Mobile devices?

As far as I know, PalmOne will be the last significant licensee of the Palm OS in the US now that Handspring and PalmOne have merged and IBM isn’t making the WorkPad anymore. I believe Kyocera and TapWave are still licensing the Palm OS, but it’s unclear where they are headed. If this weren’t enough, Palm recently announced that their new operating system isn’t even going to support OS X at all. The only thing I can figure is that they know that Apple is going to introduce their own PDA based on the iPod platform.

What are your thoughts on the PDA scene right now? It seems a little grim to me.