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Just wondering how many of you out there use the Macromedia web-based forums on a regular basis. Any specific feedback you’d like to pass along?

How many of you are using NNTP rather than the web-based forums? Anything in particular about the NNTP hook you’d like to report?

And finally, what news readers do you like for both Windows and Mac? I’ve tried several for OS X, and I can’t find one I like. Rather than reading dozens of news reader reviews before trying another batch, I’d rather get some feedback from my readers since it’s obvious you have excellent taste!

17 Responses to Macromedia Forums

  1. Joel says:

    I use the web-based only.

  2. Alex Hubner says:

    The NNTP format is better since it’s faster and easier (maybe not for beginners) since we have the discussions nicely grouped and can benefit from the news-reader’s options and features that are IMHO better than what we find in the web-based forum.I use Outlook Express but I’m seriously evaluating Thunderbird from Mozilla.

  3. Alex Hubner says:

    BTW: the general brazilian forum at “” is a good example of the preference for NNTP system. I believe it also improves the number of participants and messages.

  4. Andy Allan says:

    Whilst at work I use the web forums, mainly cause the Systems guys have blocked the damn NNTP port in the firewall. Due to this I end up using the web forums at home too .. simply because I’m used to them.

  5. Peter Witham says:

    I use both but prefer nntp simply because it’s quicker and easier to keep track of threads you are involved or interested in.

  6. I usually use Google Groups for searches because the Macromedia Web Forums are so damn slow.

  7. I use the web interface… Don’t know why. 🙂

  8. Christian: I use RSS. I’m subscribed to the various feeds, and then I have Newzcrawler set to watch them for mentions of things I can actually help with… XML, RSS, blogging, etc.

  9. I tend to use the web-based interface, but it’s been so flakey lately that I’ve started using NNTP. I’m on Mac OS X and have just been using Microsoft Entourage 2004 as my news reader–I’m not overwhelmingly impressed with it but it’s fairly nice and keeps me from having to use the browser for my Hotmail account as well. I haven’t tried Thunderbird yet but plan to.

  10. I use NNTP only because it’s faster and it’s easier to archive posts of interest. It’s also easier to follow threads and see who is replying to what message.Using the Web based forums is so slow and awkward it’s like trying to run in 4 feet of water… painful ;-)I use Mozilla mail at work and Thunderbird at home to read the newsgroups.

  11. Ryan says:

    I tend to use the Forums for MM since I’m used to it and never remember the NNTP. For other newsgroups I use Xnews (free). I find its comprehensive and fast and pretty stable with a low memory consumption.The ‘test’ version, 6.07.17 seems stable to me.

  12. Nisse Bryngfors says:

    I use NNTP to access the forums, but wouldn’t this be perfect for a Flex application?

  13. Scott Fegette says:

    I use both interfaces (surprised?), but use NNTP more for historical archiving and the webforums for most day-to-day postings (the email notification of new posts in threads I’ve created helps a lot to follow up on discussions I’ve jumped into).Regarding NNTP newsreaders- on Mac it’s Thunderbird all the way for me. Used to use Entourage but found it very very flakey and crash-prone, IMHO. I’ve gravitated towards Gravity on the PC for NNTP (my primary newsreader). Weird interface at first, but a great application once I got used to it.Just my $.02, from an admittedly biased point of view… 😉

  14. since1968 says:

    NNTP via Outlook Express.

  15. Andy Jarrett says:

    Its gotta be NNTP via Thunderbird (i would use OE as i prefer it but the bugs just get me too paranoid). Personally i really do preferer NNTP over web based forums as the are 100% slower, less is to quick scan, harder to keep track of posts. I think becuase you use an app for NNTP that you have a host of extra options for reading and trackin which make life easier.

  16. Brent Morris says:

    Just thought I’d share that XNews is an excellent freeware newsreader, though I’ve yet to test out T-bird

  17. chris says:

    i use the web forums as i always have a browser open somewhere – i use Firefox – i like the web forums because i like the option of editing my posts (i’m a terrible typist) and other options the web forums allow. What i dont like is the delay when clicking reply and the delay when sending/posting – sometimes i wait up to 20 seconds – i’m on broadband and on Win XP and 2000 Pro.