My CFUN Presentation and Sample Files

Sorry for taking so long, but here is my CFUN presentation, and all the files for the sample Flash Video Archiver application. There are no instructions included (sorry, no time), but it’s very straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting started. Here is everything you should need to know:

The Flash Video Archiver (Flava) has a ColdFusion back-end for managing media files (FLVs and MP3s only), and a Flash front-end for playing the media. Install the files like this:

  • webroot/flava
  • webroot/flava/flava.swf
  • webroot/flava/admin (ColdFusion files go here)

All the ColdFusion files should be in the “admin” directory. If you create a directory called “flava” in your webroot, and unzip in that directory, the correct directory structure will automatically be created.

The next step is to tweak the Application.cfm file. Most of the values inside of the init tag will need to be edited to work with your configuration. They should be pretty self-explanatory. The only one that isn’t is the password variable. Use the ColdFusion hash function to create a hash of a password, then copy and paste the hash into the Application.cfm file. When you log in, type in the un-hashed version of the password.

Here’s an explanation of all the variables:

  • mediaStoragePath The path where the application will save your FLV and MP3 files. This should be inside your webroot, or have an appropriate mapping, because they need to be accessible to the Flash front-end.
  • mediaUrl A URL version of the mediaStoragePath. Files in the directory specified by the mediaStoragePath should be accessible through this URL.
  • username The username to log into the application.
  • password A hashed version of the password. (Use the clear-text version of the password when logging in.)
  • dbFileName The path and full name of the WDDX file where the media data is stored. This can be anywhere on your hard drive.

The last thing you will need to do is open up flava.fla and change the web service base URL at the top of the script in the “script” layer so that it points to your server. Then published the movie, and you should be all set.

To view the admin application:


To view the Flash front-end:


Once someone gets it up and running, can you post the URL here? I can’t deploy a working version myself because of bandwidth limitations.

13 Responses to My CFUN Presentation and Sample Files

  1. Troy Murray says:

    Could you also provide the code for the Admin interface?

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    It’s all there. The admin interface is in flava/admin.

  3. Foxtrott says:

    Hi,I can’t open the sample fls in Flash MX (unexpected file format) Any remedy?

  4. You need Flash MX 2004.

  5. Steve Ray says:

    I got it working. If it drags down my bandwidth very much, I may take it down. But, it’s up for now. Thanks a lot for making the code available, Christian. Enjoyed your talk @ CFUN.

  6. I would like some information sent to my E-mail address. The information I need to know how to set up web cam and microphone on my the computer just from my key board if it is possible please send to my web site.

  7. I would like some information sent to my E-mail address. The information I need to know how to set up web cam and microphone on my the computer just from my key board if it is possible please send to my web site.

  8. Ron Mast says:

    Error Occurred While Processing RequestError Diagnostic InformationColdFusion cannot determine how to process the tag . The tag name may be misspelled.If you are using tags whose names begin with CF but are not ColdFusion tags you should contact Allaire Support.The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFIMPORT), occupying document position (7:1) to (7:37).The specific sequence of files included or processed is:E:\wwwroot\flava\admin\Application.cfmDate/Time: 07/29/04 09:19:41Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)Remote Address: advise.

  9. Ron Mast says:

    Oops, I was on a CF5.0 server….had to throw it into a CFMX6.1 server.

  10. Ron Mast says:

    I’m logging in and I’m stuck in a loop…I keep getting the login form even when I type in the correct username and password. What is it now?

  11. Ron, you’re not using the right password. Use the ColdFusion hash function to create a password like this:hash(“mypassword”)Put the resulting hash in the Application.cfm file, then restart your server. Then log in with the password “mypassword”.HTH.

  12. Steve Ray says:

    This would go under the heading ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’.I played around with the .fla file, replacing the graphics, resizing some stuff but not touching the scripting. I published it under a new name, and now it doesn’t seem to read my WDDX file. The admin portion reads it fine and displays the contents, but the .swf refuses to *when I access it via a URL*. If I drag ‘n drop the swf into a browser window, it reads the WDDX and displays the contents.What gives, do you think? Thanks.Steve

  13. Steve Ray says:

    The surest way to fix a problem is to tell someone about it. That way, it’ll fix itself and you’ll be feeling silly.