New iPods

Another new generation of iPods with:

  • Apple Click Wheel
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Slightly Thinner design

20GB for $299, and 40GB for $399. I think I’m two generations behind now. If only the minis had more capacity (or were less expensive), I’d go for one of those. What kind of iPod do you have?

10 Responses to New iPods

  1. ericd says:

    original 5G model. Its a trooper. No battery issues. Have 1G free on it – and it has some flash code i like to travel around with on it too.

  2. Nik Khilnani says:

    second generation 15 gig version… guess im really only missing the new clickwheel and shuffle feature…. i think the 2nd generation is pretty thin anyways … 3 gb free and has nearly all my flash/c sharp/ java etc stuff on it….

  3. Tony Stuart says:

    Christian,While this comment isn’t related to your blog entry, I couldnt find another way to contact you.I just bought Macromedia Devnet Resource kit 3, and I’m astounded by the lack of documentation for the custom tags.The Record Pager tag for example, has a very minimal readme.txt file with no Usage example, and no effort has been made to explain how to construct or use the tag.Apparently I can “simply use the tag like this”:I have tried to “Read the Custom Tag Documentation” via the devreskit3 flash menu, but it goes to a non existent internet webpage.Why isn’t any documentation included on the cd?this is a VERY shoddy piece of work, with no consideration of usability.I won’t be buying any more DevNet Resource Kits. I could understand it if this was a freely available custom tag, but this cd cost me over £80 and at that price it’s an absolute disgrace.Shame on you, Macromedia.

  4. Tony, read the accompanying article. It’s very comprehensive and includes examples.

  5. [m] says:

    Say nay to iPod, I’m going for the iRiver 320![1] It has more extra’s, for less. How about hooking a device up with this mp3 player, and it acts like apc, so you can actually use it to store the photographs from the digital camera to the mp3 player’s harddrive, directly! And you can see those pics from the 260 thousand colour display too.Sadly, I do not have the money for it..[1]

  6. Roland Collins says:

    I have the 1st gen 5GB and a 2nd gen 30GB. Love ’em both and use them both regularly.

  7. Tony Stuart says:

    christian,i can see no accompanying article! all the cd links go straight here:

  8. since1968 says:

    I bought a 20GB 3G about three weeks ago. Thank goodness the Apple store let me return it yesterday and get the new 40GB 4G model!

  9. Paul says:

    20GB 3g, coming up on 9 months. Maybe it’ll have an ‘accident’ just before the warranty expires.[m] Needs to check on the Belkin Media Reader for the ‘pods.

  10. I have an old school first generation 5GB model (was on the pre-order waiting list) and still use it to this day. I luckily avoided the battery issues that plagued some folks with the 1st-gen models, but mine still works like a champ so I haven’t seen the need to upgrade. Yet, anyway. 😉