The State of Flash on Mobile Devices

Today, Macromedia is announcing the availability of Macromedia Flash lite 1.1 on KDDI handsets in conjunction with KDDI’s “au Service”. Flash Lite will power several applications in KDDI’s “au Service,” including the browser-based EZ Portal, screensavers, and portions of the phone’s user interface. Manufactures including SonyEricsson, Sanyo, and Kyocera will deliver Flash enabled handsets for the au Service in July.

But that’s not all. Macromedia is also announcing the availability of a Flash Lite 1.1 Content Development Kit (CDK) for au Service. Developers can use the kit to start creating and testing content for the upcoming platforms. The CDK also includes examples and tutorials.

But wait, there’s more! Macromedia has also just published several Developer Center articles on Flash Lite development:

So where does this announcement leave Flash on devices? In a pretty good position, I think. Check out the Macromedia Mobile and Device Developer Center for details on supported platforms, and tons of articles, tutorials and developer kits. And personally, I think this is just the beginning.