A Glimpse of Life at Macromedia

I haven’t been posting much lately for two very good reasons. 1) I was at the main office in San Francisco all last week, attending meetings for almost the entire week (they only let us out to sleep, and use the rest rooms), and 2) because I’m really busy working on something that will be announced shortly. I did manage to take a few pictures while at the main office, however, so I thought I’d give the community a quick glimpse of the Macromedia workplace.

Do kids today even know who this guy is? Or even what claymation is, for that matter?

Quite possibly the coolest cube at all of Macromedia.

A plasma screen cycling through posts aggregated by MXNA, keeping the company up to speed on what’s happening in the community. Rumor has it the subliminal message “Obey the Customer” occasionally flashes by.

Myself, Mike Chambers, and Danny Dura risking life and limb to reach our next meeting on time. (If only Segways didn’t cost as much as I sold my last car for, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.)

12 Responses to A Glimpse of Life at Macromedia

  1. ericd says:

    The 3 Segways of the Apocalypse!

  2. Doug Hughes says:

    So… based on that plasma screen, is it safe to say that all of MM knew as of last friday that I was loosing it?(http://www.clearsoftware.net/client/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=7C4511F2-E081-0478-472197DB76585EB4)Doug

  3. Guy Watson says:

    Im liking the Plasma Screen idea. What exactly does it display from MXNA and how and when?Very interesting 🙂

  4. valyard says:

    nice pics!

  5. mike chambers says:

    >Im liking the Plasma Screen idea. What exactly does it display from MXNA and how and when?This one is right above the Flash team, so it displays all of the latest news from the Flash community, updated every 15 minutes.You can find more info in this post:http://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/004880.cfmmike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  6. Micha Schopman says:

    I am dissapointed…. only one plasma screen? 😉

  7. Christian Cantrell says:

    There are lots of plasma screens — just one in the picture.

  8. __ says:

    No wonder it takes so long for anything to come out of MM. Seems to me time could be spent more wisely.

  9. Christian Cantrell says:

    What are you talking about? We had that Segway going 12MPH! What’s more efficient than cruising around the office at 12MPH?

  10. klaut says:

    i’m liking the plasma screen idea very much :).. so it is true, then.. you DO read what’s going on in the flash community ;))regards,tanja

  11. Noah Hoffman says:

    Glad you like my cube! Seems we have Scott Fegette as a former boss in common as well.

  12. Guy Watson says:

    Excellent stuff. Thanks Mike.