Cool Tool Friday: Firefox Search Engine Plugins

Having a search field embedded in your browser’s toolbar is nothing revolutionary anymore. I mean, come on, it’s August 2004 already — who actually goes to Google to use Google anymore? But extending your browser’s search functionality to tons of other searchable sites I think is still pretty cool, and worthy of a Cool Tool Friday quick mention.

If you use Firefox, choose the “Add engines…” item from the search plugins drop-down box, then go crazy installing search plugins. Having tons of search plugins installed saves you from having to actually go to a site before using it. Throughout the day, all those clicks you didn’t have do and pages you didn’t have to load can really add up, translating into more time working, which, of course, is what we all want, isn’t it?

I currently have plugins installed for Amazon,, eBay, Froogle, Google, a few specialized dictionaries, macosxhints, Macromedia, Slashdot, and my favorite, TinyURL. Anyone have any indispensable search plugins they want to share?

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2 Responses to Cool Tool Friday: Firefox Search Engine Plugins

  1. Webmilhouse says:

    I created a ColdFusion livedocs plugin that I use and is pretty handy. Check out the link.

  2. nuno mira says:

    I’m more of a “Quick Searches” fan.In the end, I believe it’s the same.Quick Searches are pretty simple to create, and you can use them with any form that uses GETTyping something like:google mySearch (google, built-in)dict mySearch ( built-in)php mySearch (php manual at mySearch ( me to the right place!Some others I use:, msn, yahoo…