Cool Tool Friday: TattleTale for Linux

If you’ve been following Mike Chambers’ weblog, you know that he recently released two beta versions of an application we’re calling “TattleTale”. TattleTale is an application which helps you keep up with Macromedia news by bringing it right to your desktop.

On Wednesday, Mike released a beta OS X version, and yesterday, he released a beta .NET version for Windows. I put together a cross-platform Java version for the Linux/Solaris users out there who were feeling left out. Since it’s Java, it actually runs on any platform with Java 1.4 or higher installed, and in fact, the screenshot is of it running on my Powerbook.

Once we’ve finalized the applications, we’ll create a nice product page for them, but for now, just download it here. If you have the type of computer where you can double click things (Mac or WIndows), just download the jar file, and double click. Assuming you have the right version of Java installed (1.4 or higher), it will just run. (If you don’t have the right version of Java installed, you can download it from you’re more the command-line type, download the jar file, cd into the directory where you downloaded it, and type:% java -jar Tattletale.jar(Don’t type the “%” — that’s supposed to represent your shell prompt.)Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions.

One Response to Cool Tool Friday: TattleTale for Linux

  1. ericd says:

    you dont need command line really – just 2x click in OSX and it launches. Nice little app 🙂